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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community Clash & the Mysterious Visitor, 1-shot 
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Clash & the Mysterious Visitor, 1-shot
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Posted:  04 Aug 2012 03:51   Last Edited By: new midnight avenger
Takes place a couple of weeks prior to the Jake Specter & the Texas Rangers storyline

Clash was awakened from his 1,000-year slumber by a mysterious visitor in gold and bronze. The visitor wore a clock face upon his chest, the numbers frozen in time. The man, for Clash was sure it wasn’t a woman inside the armor, the man handed the vampyre lord a slip of parchment. The pale faced ruler of the night stared at it intently before unfolding it.

“Lord Clash of the Vampyre Coven,

Heed my words for they are your own. In the year 2013, an outré-human called Wraith will thwart the plans of a mutual acquaintance. These plans would allow us to rule the Earth and walk during the daylight without fear of the Sun. However, this is only possible if Wraith exists in our time.

We have learned that he exists in your time as well though as a Texas Ranger named Jake Specter. Take him before the next full moon and he will not survive until our time. If you fail he will gain the ability to haunt our kind forevermore.

Signed yourself,

Clash, Lord of the Vampyre Coven”

“This some sort of trick. You expect me to believe that I sent you from the future to bring me a message?” the groggy vampyre asked the armored man as he continued to stare at the paper “this is written in mine own hand very peculiar indeed.”

The armored man nodded and the hands on the clock face began moving forward, slowly at first and then faster until they were spinning out of control. The air around the mysterious visitor began swirling with them until a portal opened and the man stepped through. The vortex slowed down until it winked out of existence leaving Clash alone.

The Vampyre Lord wondered if he had imagined the whole thing but the slip of paper remained in his hand as proof that he had not.

"I best get to work then. Not long before the next full moon."
Posted:  04 Aug 2012 04:01
I'm interested to know more about this Clash guy.
Posted:  04 Aug 2012 05:16
I like the concept of the Chrononaut's clock stopping when he's in a time period then spinning when he goes back to the Time-Stream.

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