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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community Blast From The Past Pt. 3 
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Blast From The Past Pt. 3
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Posted:  07 Aug 2012 13:27
Blast From The Past Part 3

SDL Prime Hall, Four days later...


...as per my application to the SDL, I tell you truth as it was then and still is now… up until about 15 years ago, the only solid thing I knew was my name.

Does that bother you Phant...John?

Most definitely. Here I am a human dynamo, yet I have no idea how I got his way. It’s what kept me in the shadows for years early on. After seeing the metas that populate our planet I wondered if I was actually an amnesic villain or something. It seemed probable with my grotesque appearance. Once I proved to myself that my intentions were good and just, I began to find my way to the public eye. Captain I’m sensing you know something about my past.

Well...that’s not entirely true. Take a look at this- says Captain Freedom as he hands Phantom Marvel a grainy WW2 era photo featuring Tempus Omega, Johnny Rebel, B29, Comrade, and himself.


Nice Captain. That was quite a crew you were part of. You guys really took it to the Axis.

Captain Freedom watches the Phantom Marvel’s reaction intently. It appears to be one of genuine interest but nothing more.

Captain, what does this have to do with me?- questions the Phantom Marvel with both an air of conviction and a frown.

Bingo, that’s it!- thinks Captain Freedom as he waits for a cue from the Phantom Marvel before speaking.

Wait a minute, are you going to tell me one of these guys is my dad!? It’s Rebel isn’t it; I always heard he had a way with the ladies!? Even though he disappeared in the 1960s, that gave him plenty of time to...


Captain Freedom quickly injects- Whoa, big guy! It’s nothing like that. None of these guys are your dad.

Then what is it Cap!?

YOU are one of those guys.


Phantom Marvel cocks his head in a motion of genuine surprise. He grabs the battered photo from Captain Freedom and brings it to eye level. Captain Freedom watches as his eyes dart back and forth multiple times until they come to rest on his own.

Captain- Phantom Marvel says in a hushed voice- With the recent appearance of Comrade, all these guys are still alive except for Rebel and B29. Is that who you think I am?

I’d like to help you find out if you wish.

If I was B29, that’d make me like 80-90 something years old. I’ll admit I don’t know my birthday, but I find it hard to believe I’m an elderly man.

Phantom, I was born in 1919 Comrade in 1923. I was in stasis for 50 years, but Alexi has been alive the whole time. He looks no more than his late 50s; though years in a Russian Gulag certainly did him no favors.


Phantom Marvel remains silent, trying to concentrate on what Captain Freedom is saying while a million thoughts race through his mind.

Point is, based on birthdates we’re both in our 90s, yet for differing reasons, mine technological and his meta, our appearances belies that fact. Perhaps the same age defying miracle has happened to you. 

John, I’ll cut to the chase. Would you submit to Astra-Fire probing your mind?

Hmmm...interesting idea Captain. Have to admit I am troubled by the huge memory gap I have. What could it hurt? All I ask is that Astra-Fire does not share what he finds out with me right away. I’d rather he talk with you. I trust your judgment Captain and  if you feel it best to share the information with me, then I will listen.

You’re a brave man Phantom. I appreciated your willingness to even consider this option. Take a few more minutes to think about it. I can have Astra-Fire here within the hour. If you are still willing, we’ll proceed.

To be continued...
Posted:  07 Aug 2012 15:47
It seems Phantom Marvel is just as curious as everyone else (perhaps more so). I'm interested to see what Astra-Fire discovers.
Posted:  07 Aug 2012 23:04
here's secretly hoping he's not B-29 but someone else altogether though at this point I think its just about wrapped up.

Great mystery Jerod!
Posted:  07 Aug 2012 23:14
You got me going. Can't wait to find out what happens next.

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