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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community Untold Tales from the Darkness, Vol.10: Johnny Rebel 
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Untold Tales from the Darkness, Vol.10: Johnny Rebel
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Posted:  18 Aug 2012 00:02   Last Edited By: jerod26

Johnny...Johnny Rebel- says a faint monotone voice.

Though in a deep catnap, Johnny Rebel is quick to react instinctively. He jumps to his feet and swings wildly in the direction he perceives the voice to be. As he finally opens his eyes he briefly sees his fists pass directly through his adversary as if they were a mist.

Hold Johnny Rebel- comes a booming, but not threatening voice- I mean you no harm.

Good thing for you partner. It ain’t neighborly waking a napping man deep. You could have got yerself killed; not that long ago these fists were taking down King Tiger Tanks with one blow.

I apologize for startling you, but my mission could not wait.

OK, I understand as its part of being a “superhero” I guess. Glad I didn’t harm you stranger. Tell me; are you a ghost or something?

I am no ghost Johnny Rebel. I am neither dead nor alive, at least in human terms. I am something more.

You got a name, or can I just call you “Casper”?

I am spoken of as Mysterion.

“Mysterion” huh, sounds mysterious- says Johnny Rebel with a grin.

Johnny, the Earth is in terrible danger. Though I am not of this Earth, I am bound to defend it and it’s inhabitants.

We’ve already taken care of Germany and Korea is in check, what’s the poop now?

This is not a World War nor regional conflict that can be fought by humans alone. Your opponent’s is name “Blackhorn”, and defeating him will take the combined might of Earth’s Meta population…and you.

What do you mean “and you”? Ain’t I part of the superhero community?

Indeed you are Johnny Rebel.

So where’s Blackhorn live?

Not where…“when”.

Future eh?- says Johnny Rebel while shaking his head.

Yes Johnny Rebel, this is a future battle.

Tempus Omega has taken me on a couple trips; can’t say I cared too much for it.

Tempus Omega; I have observed him many times. He’s reckless and not the man for me on this mission.

OK, so “when” are we headed?

The target time is late 2011. I do not know the exact time of the conflict but I have narrowed it down to a three-month period. I will send you into mid-October. From there you will be present as things unfold.  I will insert you into the midst of a meeting of the world’s premier Meta organization, the Superhuman Defense League. This will afford you the opportunity to take stock of  the situation and your new comrades. I think you’ll find them to be a good lot of humanity.

Think they’ll accept me? I mean, history probably remembers me from WW2, but won’t they think it odd that I suddenly show up from the past?

I have the power to implant hazy memories of you to all individuals you encounter. The memories will establish a vague history of you. While none can pinpoint ever meeting you, all will accept you as having always being around. Thus, you will not be out of place. You will be an established hero in their minds and can operate as such for as long as needed.

Impressive Mysterion. If you’re so all-powerful though, why don’t you send him to the past or future or maybe even better; the middle of the sun? Wouldn’t that take care of him?

Let it be known I am opposed to murder. Your “sun” idea makes sense in base human terms, but this I cannot do. The same goes for losing him in time. In human terms, I’d say that it would be considered “passing the buck”. I know your career Johnny Rebel. “Passing the buck” is not your style.

You got me there Casper. I’ve never shied away from helping others, and even if I have to go to the future to do it, count me in. Wasn’t expecting time travel when I laid down to rest. If Buck Rogers can do it, then momma Rebel’s number one son can do it too.

I know not your role in the finale Johnny Rebel, but I feel more confident knowing you will be there as needed.

Hope I can live up to your expectations Mysterion. Let’s say we’re successful defeating this Blackhorn feller; what if I don’t want to stay in 2011?

Then you can return to now.

What about the time I spend in the future, won’t that raise some concerns when I return here?

The memories of you will fade fast per my will. In short time none will know you were ever there.

And me, will I remember?

It is best if you don’t. You are a man of that time’s past and you should stay that way. Future knowledge can, and has, been manipulated by others. That said, for your service I will leave the final decision up to you Johnny Rebel.

Ya know what Mysterion, I’d prefer the future not come too soon. I kinda like where I’m at now. When you bring me back, leave the memories in 2011.

You are wise Johnny Rebel.

When do we leave?

You are already there...-replies Mysterion as Johnny Rebel disappears into time. He then looks around his vast astral plane and speaks aloud to the emptiness- Now; there is another I must contact whom may prove to be even more valuable.

The End...
Posted:  18 Aug 2012 00:56   Last Edited By: Rick Jones
Really enjoyed Rebel's dialogue in this one.

I like this line:

You got a name, or can I just call you “Casper”?

Nice way of working this into the Darkness. "Untold Tales of the Darknes" helps to fill in a lot of gaps.
Posted:  18 Aug 2012 02:47
Posted:  18 Aug 2012 13:54
I needed a way to explain why Johnny was included in my story as at the time I was mistaken as to his status in the "present" day. I thought of just editing out totally, but eventually came up with this as a solution. (It helps explain some images too from that period).
Posted:  19 Aug 2012 20:06
Awesome story, good explanation.

I think Wayne is working on a story bridging Johnny's disappearance in to the sixties to his reappearance into the present. Haven't heard in a while the status of that one.
Posted:  20 Aug 2012 11:50
Tim working on it
Posted:  20 Aug 2012 13:45
Awesome Wayne!
Posted:  20 Aug 2012 22:52
Ok he's not catnapping but he thinks he is


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