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Champions of Justice #9
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Posted:  18 Aug 2012 01:01   Last Edited By: Rick Jones

Starring Huntress, Burning Fury, Tigerstripe, Cannon, and Black Centurion

The Champions of Justice, along with Darklight, Captain Freedom, and White Flame all took a seat in the conference room at the Fortress. Rothgar had stated that he was more comfortable standing. It was hard for heroes not to be intimidated by his hulking stature and monstrous features.

    "Thousands of years ago, a black rock fell from the sky," Rothgar began, and Captain Freedom's eyes lit up at the mention of the 'black rock'. "The power that it possessed created a great temptation for my people, and that combined with other feelings that plagued the Clan, led to our destruction. Leaving me as the sole survivor." 

    "The Sphere," Captain Freedom breathed.

    "You know of it?" Rothgar asked.

    He nodded. "I know it only too well. How did it fall out of your hands?"

    "Blackhorn. I failed to protect it, and after he took the Sphere, he attempted to transform the Earth with Darkforce. I allied with two others and together we forced him and his army into retreat. I returned to my exile, and didn't return to civilization again until August 1st, 2012."

    "Why reveal yourself now, after so many years of staying in the shadows?" inquired Darklight.

    "I had many ancestors that were much wiser than I. Some even had the ability to see into the future. Fortunately for my people, they did us the good service of writing it down. Thus the Prophecy was born. According to the Prophecy, the day that an outsider comes through the Gateway into my home, is a sign that a great evil is on its way. It is my duty to rise up and destroy it."

    "What about the murders in the Bronx?" asked Burning Fury.

    "I am not responsible for any murders," Rothgar told her.

    "Don't you see, it was Uriah," said White Flame. "He didn't know that Rothgar was the monster in the Bronx, but he knew that he wasn't on his side. He was obviously hoping we would kill each other, so he staged those murders to send you on a witch hunt."

    "I have a question," interrupted Huntress, and her eyes were on White Flame. "Why did you hide your identity from us, Glenn? Didn't you think we'd want to know you were still alive?" she asked, and everyone could feel the tension in the room.
    Slowly, White Flame removed his mask, confirming her suspicions. "I wanted to tell you," he said. "I really did. But I couldn't. Rothgar believed our presence had to remain a secret."

    "Why?" asked Captain Freedom.

    "I wanted to have the advantage over my enemy, whom I believe is Uriah. He knows who I am, and I thought it was best if he didn't know I was here. But after what happened in the city, I'm sure he knows now. As for Glenn Stewart, if he returned to you, he would be asked questions, and his answers would lead to me."

    "You should have trusted us, Glenn," said Burning Fury, who was speaking for the whole team. All of them felt a little betrayed that Glenn would keep such a big secret from them.

    "But how could he?" asked Rothgar. "Has it not occurred to any of you, the lengths that Uriah will go to get what he wants, whatever that may be? How can you be certain that the Superhuman Defense League has not been infiltrated?"

    "You think Uriah has spies in the SDL?" Cannon exclaimed.
    "Rothgar, I should tell you that our members are carefully chosen. We don't trust just anyone with a super power," Captain Freedom pointed out. 

    "Let me ask you this: Is it not possible that one of your trusted teammates could have been replaced by one of Uriah's lackeys?"

    There was an uncomfortable pause. The thought of a spy in their midst was very disconcerting. Captain Freedom had always looked at each member of the SDL as someone he knew he could trust. But could he ever feel that same way again, after the seed of doubt had been planted in his mind? 

    "That is why, my friends," Rothgar continued, "the secrets that I have shared with you must not leave this room. It must end with the nine of us."
Posted:  18 Aug 2012 02:51
Awesome! that harkens back to when Uriah was posing as Luther Vanguard and secretly leading SHADOW Company to aid in Blackhorn's escape.

Though SHADOW Company wasn't the SDL by any means but if he's done it before Uriah could easily try the same trick again.
Posted:  18 Aug 2012 14:01
Glenn comes clean; great! Now I can post the correct card of him.

Something big must be coming if Rothgar's prophecy is to be believed.

Have to say I'm a bit worried:
Is it not possible that one of your trusted teammates could have been replaced by one of Uriah's lackeys?
Posted:  20 Aug 2012 15:04
Glad that Glenn's secret is out.

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