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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community Blackhorn: The Revelation Pt.1 of 2 
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Blackhorn: The Revelation Pt.1 of 2
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Posted:  23 Aug 2012 01:13
Continuing the story beginning with The Intervention.

SDL Presidential Office:


Glad to see you back at Prime Hall Spy, you’ve been a bit of a stranger of late- says Captain Midnight.

It hasn’t necessarily been intentional Captain, just the way it’s worked out. Panther and I needed to recharge a bit by going back to our roots- replies Spy.

Did it work?

TBD. We’re about ready to get back into the “stopping-latest-end-of-the-world-plot” game. In some way that’s why I asked to see you.

Really? Are you privy to some nefarious plot against humanity that the SDL is unaware of?

Does Blackhorn count?

Blackhorn always counts. Were you aware his son is on Earth going by the name Darklight?

Yeah, I’ve kept up to date. I’m not talking Blackhorn’s son, I’m talking the Lord of the Darkforce Dimension himself.

Spy, you were involved at the time. You know he’s lost in an icy abyss.


“Give it up Blackhorn. You’re outnumbered and outmatched” Captain Freedom warned him.

“Maybe so heroes, maybe so. But I will not submit so easily!”

Blackhorn slammed his fist into American Banner’s jaw knocking him backwards into Shard. Then he lunged at Time Rider. Captain Freedom intervened catching Blackhorn’s punch on his shield. The blow staggered the patriotic leader but gave Time Rider the chance to slow the horned behemoth down a fraction.

Captain Midnight, Crockett, Robin Hood, Voltage, Wraith, and Comet began pelting him with blasts while the others moved into position. American Banner, Panther, Liger, Deuce, Coyote, and Hyde moved in close. Shadow Hawk, Spy, and Raptor remained on the outskirts, to cut off any escape attempt. The horned behemoth was surrounded and it looked to be all but over.

Then the ice beneath their feet began to shake itself into slivers barely big enough for any one of them to stand on. The heroes managed to cling to different ice plates but the water pushed them apart from each other and from Blackhorn. Then an invisible force slammed into Blackhorn knocking him free from his own ice patch and into the freezing subzero waters below. His hulking frame froze quickly and sank into the murky depths until it was no longer visible.

                              (See MAvenger’s Midnighters/SDL)

Really. Rather convenient, huh?

Our best technology couldn’t detect a Darkforce signature afterwards, you know that too.

Yes. I’ve also talked with Comet. He said Darkforce Energy wasn’t detected during the confrontation. Isn’t that odd? Doesn’t Blackhorn equate to pure Darkforce Energy?

Remember, it's no secret we had been slowly draining him of power while he was in stasis. Perhaps when he was freed he was already at a lower level of energy and subsequently used it all up during the action that followed.



“Perhaps”? I’m sensing a bit of skepticism.

…and you’re not even Astra-Fire- says Spy as he grins under his mask.

Funny. Get to the point Spy. What do you really want to ask or tell me?

Captain, I’ve done some digging these last few months. I think Blackhorn is alive and well, and not currently submerged in frigid artic waters. I don’t think he ever was. I think he’s been under SDL control since the end of the Darkness.

Captain Midnight raises his eyebrow, but remains silent.

Everyone seems to forget my background. “Spy” wasn’t just a named I picked out the blue.


Speechless Captain? Have to say I’m a bit surprised.

You and me both Spy- says Captain Midnight, obviously deep in thought.


I need to make a call Spy. Stay here, and don’t touch anything in this office.

Funny “Dad”. I’ll be here waiting- says Spy holding his hand in a “Scout’s Honor” position.

Captain Midnight smiles as he leaves the room in a hurry.

Nine minutes later:

Captain Midnight reenters his office and heads directly to his computer.

Doomsday Watch I take it?

You do seem well informed Spy. I thought only a handful of costumed heroes knew of the Doomsday Watch; and that didn’t include you.

My eyes and ears are always working Captain.

It’s served you better than you may know. Not how I wanted you to find out, but as a proven veteran of nearly twenty years in the biz, you’re now on track to one day being in the SDL Presidential rotation. Therefore, the Doomsday Watch, Time-Rider, Captain Freedom, and I  have no reservations about sharing what I’ve been authorized to reveal.

I’m...speechless. Please proceed Captain.

As for the main matter on-hand, take a look at this encrypted line on my computer. Review it and I’ll answer any questions you have afterwards to the best of my ability.

To be concluded...
Posted:  23 Aug 2012 02:47
finally the secret is being revealed. Great that Spy managed to piece together a big part of it all by himself
Posted:  23 Aug 2012 13:59
Love all the pics, and always fun to read when all the heroes are together. Especially love reading about that Time-Rider guy.
Posted:  26 Aug 2012 18:31
Looks like someone else is going to be in on the secret now.
Posted:  27 Aug 2012 16:01
cool ill read part two soon

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