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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community Blackhorn: The Revelation Pt.2 of 2 
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Blackhorn: The Revelation Pt.2 of 2
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Posted:  25 Aug 2012 04:21   Last Edited By: jerod26
...Review it and I’ll answer any questions you have afterwards to the best of my ability.


Twenty minutes later:

I’m impressed Captain. Very ingenious. How can something so complicated work out so well?

We were fortunate for sure Spy.

Should have known “time-travel” would be involved.

The idea is based on a concept put forth by John Banks in the early 1980s. Are you familiar with him or his work?

Not really. I never met him but Time-Rider has mentioned him a time or two. Worked at ATTA for decades, right?

Yes. The man was a genius when it came to time travel and research. Very underappreciated figure to those outside the ATTA.

…which is 99.999% of the population.

Yes. If they only knew. Anyway, in the late 1970s John was key in devising the process by which the Sphere of Darkness was lost in time which turned out quite effective. Several years later he developed another time manipulation concept he called “Post-Time”. It was never perfected, and eventually abandoned. After the Darkness the Doomsday Watch tasked the ATTA with revisiting the concept as a secure way to protect Blackhorn from capture by unfriendlies. Professor Banks was gone from the ATTA by then, but his work was revived by a new breed of scientists. They were successful.

I read how “Post-Time” was used in the report, but there was no real explanation for it. Can you give me the dumbed-down version?

It’s a hard concept for sure Spy, and you’re talking to a guy who knows a first-hand thing or two about time travel. Essentially it is putting an individual into a state of time flux where they are both in the past and present. In this case, Blackhorn was in the present for everyone around him but at the same time 3-5 seconds in the past under surveillance by an SDL monitoring group.

Ouch, my head hurts on that one! Wouldn’t a clone have been easier; that’s what I was speculating.

The idea was floated. Clones are effective visually and can be quite advanced these days. The problem with all clones is memories. For them to function without detection their memories must be accurate and up-to-date. There is currently no way to fully transfer mind function to the extent needed. Too many mind-readers out there that could discover the ruse and spoil the plan. In Blackhorn’s case we also would need to mimic his Darkforce Energy manipulation. Darkforce is a power we can’t fake and can barely control. Faking this ability in a clone just wouldn’t work.

I understand. Still need to know more about “Post-Time”, but what you said just raised another question. It sounds to me as if you wanted Blackhorn to escape.

Not really “wanted”, more like planned for that scenario. The Doomsday Watch wanted us to operate on the assumption that foes would try to spring him at some point. If/when that happened we would use it to our advantage. If they were successful, we’d allow for a controlled escape. The hope was this would then eliminate any future rescue attempts since Blackhorn was “free”.

Tricky. But doesn’t that assume Blackhorn would be put in an ambiguous situation because if he was recaptured then the bad guys could try again.

The plan did have some unknowns for sure. As it turned out, Brainwave and Uriah’s plan played right into our best case scenario. Losing Blackhorn in the arctic ice was a stroke of good luck.

Not every day you can fool a demon.

Yes. We figured the Triumvirate or Scarlet Archon would be the ones to free Blackhorn. When we realized Uriah was involved instead, it did cause concern as his powers are mostly unknown. By ultimately fooling him though it really sealed the deal and removed any doubt that we were successful.

I’d say you were quite lucky with how it played out then. Sometimes luck is key for sure. Now, explain this “Post-Time” and how it was applied to Blackhorn.

The process allowed a fully functioning Blackhorn, both mind/memory, and powers to interact with his liberators. There was no need for a clone as it essentially was “him”.

“Essentially”? How can it be him and not be him?

As I mentioned earlier, Blackhorn existed in the present, but was actually several seconds in the past. By placing him in the past, he could still function and converse with those around him in a relatively normal way while so as not to raise suspicion while also giving us the option to shut him down if things got out of control.

So somewhat like a tape delayed TV show that bleeps out a swear-word.

Yes, perfect analogy.

I’d guess Blackhorn himself may have had difficulty communicating with others due to this “tape delay” effect, but he may have thought it a result of being groggy from his stasis slumber.

So he never had a clue, huh?

Apparently not. We let things progress in a relatively controlled manner, all the while ready to act as needed. Fortunately his disappearance gave us the perfect opportunity to end the ruse and return him to SDL stasis.

...and that’s why no Darkforce Energy was detected in the watery abyss.


What about earlier in the battle? Remember Comet telling me he didn’t detect Darkforce Energy then either.

That we’re not 100% sure of. Comet may have been tuned into a wrong frequency or the time-flux period Blackhorn was operating from may have distorted his energy signature too. Keep in mind also, his energy had been drained in stasis, so his levels were also rather low. Could have been several reasons. The energy must have been at a level to fool Brainwave and Uriah though as they never caught on.

Where is he now?


In stasis, about 50 feet lower than before. Manticore showed the original laboratory stasis area wasn’t secure enough, so we went deeper and limited knowledge to but a few…including you now. Truth be told I only found out recently myself when my latest turn as President started.

Wow, this is like Top-Top Secret stuff, eh?- says Spy.

...and then some. Don’t go getting yourself captured or anything. I’d have to have Astra-Fire remotely fry your brain to keep this secret.

That’s a comforting thought Captain......can he really do that?

Captain Midnight smiles as he grabs Spy by the shoulder and leads him into the hallway.

The End
Posted:  25 Aug 2012 05:00
Don’t go getting yourself captured or anything. I’d have to have Astra-Fire remotely fry your brain to keep this secret.

That’s a comforting thought Captain......can he really do that?

Captain Midnight smiles as he grabs Spy by the shoulder and leads him into the hallway.

One way to keep him guessing!

Great story Jerod and explanation for the Blackhorn escape but not escape.

Ties perfectly with my previous story!
Posted:  25 Aug 2012 13:54
Thanks MAvenger. Your Midnighters/SDL story was great, so I didn't want to negate it, but I also wanted Blackhorn to ultimately still be under SDL control (for now). With your ambiguous ending being the "offical" ending; it does leave the world's population always wondering if/when Blackhorn will resurface from the artic.

As you know from some emails, it took me a long time to figure out a solution. Even this final version was a later option. A clone (not original in the world of comics) was the inital idea but I was worried about memories and Blackhorn had to be able to use Darkforce Energy like in your story. Hopefully this story makes sense and is plausible to most.
Posted:  25 Aug 2012 23:34
I like the Post-Time concept. Definitely might be  hard for a hero not an expert on time travel.

Reminds me of this episode of the Brave and the Bold I was watching today. Batman says to Booster Gold, after Booster questions the details of a time travel adventure, "I will not explain the intricacies of time travel to a man without a library card", he says pointing his finger at Booster. Cracked me up laughing.
Posted:  26 Aug 2012 18:38
That's pretty deep stuff! 

Not every day you can fool a demon.

I can't blame Uriah for not catching on to this one.

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