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Return of the Shadow Master, conclusion
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Posted:  27 Aug 2012 20:45
Sensei Shadou stood over the fallen form of the Rogue Samurai. His black staff was pushed into her throat daring her to get up “enough of this” he shouted so all in the compound could hear “now that Kamakura’s champion has fallen I demand to see the Sword of Leadership!”

This gave the other combatants pause. Flying Squirrel had his fist raised back ready to punch Locust in the face. Skyninja’s staff just connected with Grasshopper’s jaw. The two costumed heroes looked at the Shadow Master hoping the elderly man was joking. When they saw the stern look on his face they dropped their hands to their sides deflated. The Mantis Twins took the opportunity to flee the compound so they could not be captured.

Raptor had just knocked Wren to the ground with a roundhouse and was removing the younger woman’s mask. Her face was ashen as it contorted into shock and recognition. Tears rolled down her face as she scooped the unconscious girl in her arms and cradled her head. How in the world could this be? What had Ryu Kamakura done?

Shadow Hawk and Kokushibyou were still engaged in combat. The assassin refused to stop fighting and John Dark had to continue to defend himself. Then in one brief moment an orb surrounded the shade ninja and he disappeared. Oroko Shadou used the same transport orb he had used previously on Kokushibyou. This time however, he went to great lengths to send the assassin far away. Kokushibyou wouldn’t be seen by anyone for a long time.

John Dark bowed in respect to his former master and only then did he approach his wife and the young woman that she held in her arms. When he looked down his own face grew moist with tears. His little sister Jessica’s face looked just like he remembered her. But he knew she was dead. Went to her funeral, she died as Talon fighting against the injustice of the world. Somehow Kamakura must have cloned her or else spirited her away and like Sensei Shadou somehow she survived?

At that moment Seamus Flannigan walked out from a side door carrying the handle and part of the broken blade of the Sword of Leadership. He was unsure what to do with it but when Shadow Hawk nodded towards the elderly ninja master he nodded back and approached the Shadow Master. Then he lifted his hands out and gave the remains to Oroko Shadou.

“The Sword of Leadership was a fake?” he asked confused but somewhat relieved “let this be proof to the entire clan that you have been under false leadership for some time. It is time a new master was chosen for the Taka Clan. If any be worthy of the burden they only need to step forward and be tested. I am much too old to reclaim my former title. I have been gone too long. I will however remain as an advisor to the next leader to help ensure the clan’s continued success and to erasing every last bit of the dishonor that has befallen it over the last several years.”

Oroko Shadou looked over at John then willing his former student to step forward and lay his claim. But Shadow Hawk knew he did not belong here. His home needed him more and so he shook his head gently to decline. The Shadow Master wasn’t happy but he understood and so he looked around to the rest of those present. Then to his surprise and to the surprise of everyone in attendance the Rogue Samurai climbed to her feet and bowed before Sensei Shadou.

“I, Shawna Ronen, feel I am worthy for this position. I will dedicate my life to restoring the honor of the Taka Clan and erasing the memory of Ryu Kamakura’s influence.”

Oroko Shadou nodded and thrust his palm out in a strike that would crush her ribcage into her heart. Exhausted as she was from their battle she brought her arms up to block in the nick of time. Then she dropped into a crouch and swept out with her left leg sweeping Oroko Shadou off his feet before he could dodge the attack. As he recovered his feet the two bowed towards each other. Then Sensei Shadou raised her hand and held it aloft.

“She has the heart of a true leader. Despite her former alliance with Kamakura I believe she will make a good Sensei to all of you.”

Shinobi Blade’s encounter with Arcanum left him furious. Without the Sword of Leadership he knew he could no longer hold onto the Taka Clan. John Dark had interfered in his affairs for the last time. He may no longer have a ninja army at his command but he would find a way to make his clan-brother pay. He hoped that the reunion between brother and sister would at least shake his nemesis to the core.

“Let John wonder over how I revived and brainwashed his sister. If that doesn’t drive him mad it will at least make him easier to undermine in the future.”
Posted:  27 Aug 2012 23:16
Oroko Shadou nodded and thrust his palm out in a strike that would crush her ribcage into her heart.

Now that's the kind of punch you don't want to get hit with. Ow.

Glad she blocked it.
Posted:  28 Aug 2012 04:13   Last Edited By: jerod26
John made the right decision, but hope he dosen't regret it later.

I'm sure we haven't heard the last of Shinobi Blade.
Posted:  11 Sep 2012 22:40
Finally caught up on this one. I was expecting Oroko to take back leadership of the clan. He seems wise, so we'll have to hope he knows what he's doing letting Shawna Ronen take over.

Bad guys like Shinobi Blade rarely stay inactive for long. I bet he'll be back!

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