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Freedom's Fate, conclusion
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Posted:  07 Oct 2012 18:02   Last Edited By: new midnight avenger
The Survivor liberated these fancy firearms from Wrench’s lab over three hundred years ago. It took him several months to learn to use them. He still itched to take up his swords during a fight instead of these guns but that would surely draw Blackhorn’s wrath down upon his head.

“Alright” he told Luther “I’m going to shoot at you with this rifle and you’re going to block it.”

Luther nodded and lifted the shield; the blast came in and knocked him backwards several feet. It was stronger than even what the small Darkforce creatures had thrown at him. The Survivor had said something about it having a fluctuating power setting. This energy was the polar opposite of Darkforce. The former swordsman wanted to see if it could be used to power the other man up through the shield as well.

The shield wielder staggered for a long moment as the energy transference took place. This lightforce power ran through his body powering up all of his innate abilities such as super strength and speed but also caused his fists to glow with crimson power as if the energy was fighting to be released.

Luther pointed his fist at an outcropping of trees and a blast shot forth incinerating them. His eyes glowed in that moment as if they too wanted to fire off laser beams. He continued shooting until he expelled every last ounce of energy.

“What a rush” he told the Survivor “it didn’t leave my body feeling tainted like the Darkforce does.”

“A side effect of Darklight” the Survivor figured “he had both light and dark force energy signatures. Both seems to power you through the shield. You are most definitely the supreme soldier Wrench was hoping for.”

“Supreme soldier” Luther asked “hmm Soldier Supreme perhaps? I like the sound of that.”

“I think it’s time” the purple eyed Survivor told him “it is time to take this fight to Blackhorn.”

“It is past TIME!!!” a booming voice sounds nearby as a black clad, horned demon walked forward from the shadows.

“Blackhorn!” the Survivor said firing a blast from his pulse rifle.

The Lightforce struck Blackhorn and propelled him backwards thirty feet before the behemoth was able to dig his heels in and stop. The light energy seemed to be one of his very few weaknesses. His face contorted in rage as he charged forward like a bulldozer trying to topple a hill.

The Survivor leapt out of the way just in time causing Blackhorn to lose balance and stumble briefly. That mere second was all the gunman needed to fire off his pistol. The minute blast hit precisely in the back of Blackhorn’s head stunning him for the moment.

When the lord of the Darkforce Dimension recovered, his horn glowed with ebony energy. He let it flow outward in a torrent of death. Soldier Supreme leapt in front of it and blocked it with his shield. The weapon absorbed the blast and channeled it into his body.  Then he took flight a dive-bombed Blackhorn with his free fist outstretched before him.

The blow connected and Blackhorn’s jaw crunched beneath S.Supreme’s fist. The horned beast roared in anger and swung his own fist connecting with the shield. Even so, the blow forced S.Supreme backwards into a large rock formation. He needed to absorb more energy. If he hadn’t just expelled all of it before Blackhorn’s arrival he probably could have already ended this fight.

The Survivor evidently had the same thought and fired the rifle at S.Supreme in an effort to recharge him quicker. As Soldier Supreme shrugged off the rocks with his superhuman strength, realization dawned on Blackhorn’s face.

“You have my son’s power” he said in confirmation “the one power that could destroy me. Pity you will not have time to use it properly.”

As Soldier Supreme approached him, Blackhorn whistled, thousands of darkforce creatures descended upon them. The swarm soon caused the mighty dark lord to lose sight of both S.Supreme and the Survivor in their wake. He laughed at this and watched as the would-be heroes found defeat.

The throng of demons forced the two heroes further and further apart until the Survivor found himself alone in their midst. He smiled grimly at this. He’d been in worse situations hundreds of times before. Every since the fall of Zirelaw he had stood alone against enemy forces such as this. And still he walked away.

Soldier Supreme wasn’t so lucky as the Survivor. The creatures managed to wrestle his shield away from him. Then Blackhorn stood over him reveling in victory. The horned behemoth picked S.Supreme up by the neck with one hand and carried him into the isolated stronghold he now called home. It didn’t take long to find the cryogenic holding chamber.

“A fitting place for you” Blackhorn laughed as he threw the other man inside and punched the console nearby.

Then he left, taking the shield with him as his prize. Now there was no hope left for the human race. At least he thought that was the case. Something about the Survivor tugged at his memory but he wasn’t sure what that implicated. He was sure however, that it was nothing worth fretting over and discarded the man from his thoughts.

Hopefully this ties in pretty well with the Omega-Man \"Final Days\" story
Posted:  07 Oct 2012 19:20
Looks like Survivor's on his own now. Will he be able to save Soldier Supreme???
Posted:  08 Oct 2012 02:53
Very nice.
I love retro stories that fill in the blanks.
Is there more to come??????
Posted:  10 Oct 2012 15:30

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