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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community The Lone Survivor, part 3 
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The Lone Survivor, part 3
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Posted:  16 Oct 2012 21:05
The Survivor stands ready, his swords sheathed on his back, his pistols holstered at his side, and his pulse rifle in his hands aimed at the stasis pods. He had fought alongside Omega-Man for years but now doubts were creeping into his thoughts. Who was the mysterious hero who was somehow related to the enemy of all humanity?

Professor Crow flipped a switch on a control panel and the lid to the stasis pod hissed open. Omega-Man awoke in a fit of coughing. He leaned over and wretched all over the stainless steel flooring. Then he pulled himself out of the pod on wobbly legs. The stasis had left him disoriented, a side effect of cryo-sleep.

“Who are you?” Brennon demanded of the hero before he had fully come to his senses.

“I am Omega-Man” the yellow hooded one replied “you know me Survivor.”

“We know you are akin to Blackhorn” Prof Crow informed him “but we don’t know whose side you are really on.”

“I am on Earth’s side” Omega-Man answered truthfully “my parents sent me here to stop Blackhorn in the event that Wrench’s supreme soldier project failed.”

“You know of that?” Brennon asked, “Just who are your parents?”

“Set and Tabitha” Omega-Man replied “or as you better know them, Darklight and Luminary.”

“That’s nearly impossible, how is it you are still alive?” Prof. Crow said then had another thought “though I’ll admit Brennon and myself are the exception to the rule as we are still here.”

“I have not lived nearly that long” Omega-Man began his story “I was born near the end of the Great War. My mother hid me away while my father and the others worked on a plan to stop Blackhorn. The plan you know as the Supreme Soldier Project. Darklight hoped with everything he had that it would be enough to stop his father. But they also knew that if Blackhorn found out about me he would come to kill me while I was still too young to do anything about it. For I carried his blood and so was a threat to his rule.”

Omega-Man’s body seemed to be fully recovered and he began to pace the room testing his legs more as he continued to talk “Luminary had a plan of her own. She enlisted the Time-Rider for his expertise. John Martin opened a portal and took me through it. He took me back to the Darkforce Dimension so that my body could absorb more darkforce in an effort to supercharge me. It worked and it also accelerated my growth.”

“Time-Rider died” Brennon said “shortly before the last of the SDL fell.”

“Not true” Omega-Man argued “he didn’t die but Darklight and Luminary let the others believe he had for it was the only way to protect me. John Martin raised me in the Darkforce Dimension. Then he opened a time portal and sent me back to Earth just three days before our first meeting” he looked at the Survivor then “I believe it was no accident that you had found me. Yes, I had my powers but I knew not how to use them. You trained me to fight. We were destined to join forces and overthrow Blackhorn together.”

“I am having a hard time believing all this” Professor Crow stated “if this is true then where is the Time-Rider?”

Omega-Man stared at the floor “he is truly dead now. He was growing weak after all the years he spent with me in the Darkforce Dimension. He exhausted the last of his powers to send me here. As the portal closed behind me I saw him collapse and a swarm of Darkforce minions were upon him blocking him from my sight. He could not have lived through that.”
Posted:  17 Oct 2012 01:42
Very awesome!

Would never thought Omega-Man was the son of Darklight and Luminary, but now I think I remember a connection from the recent Clash story.

Neat too how he grew up in a different time-stream; great way to keep him safe.

The future is still bleak, but maybe it'll get better soon....
Posted:  17 Oct 2012 15:00
Omega-Man stared at the floor “he is truly dead now.

Dang, and I was excited that Time-Rider had made it after all only to find out he's still dead.

Like this Omega-Man background. Very cool.
Posted:  17 Oct 2012 18:53
What, Luminary and Darklight??!! That one hit me like a bolt of lightning. Cool so Omega Man's grandpa is Blackhorn.
Posted:  17 Oct 2012 23:46
but now I think I remember a connection from the recent Clash story.

Not what I had originally planned but when I began working on this story I figured I need to finally reveal who Omega-Man was and thought why not?

I was excited that Time-Rider had made it after all only to find out he's still dead

Maybe, maybe not to Omega-Man it seemed TR had no way out but who knows John could've pulled something off last minute? I wanted Omega-Man to get the down to earth upbringing similar to Clark Kent where he would have values. Thought TR was the perfect choice in this regard.

What, Luminary and Darklight??!! That one hit me like a bolt of lightning.

I wanted it to come off as a complete surprise, glad it worked Rick

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