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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community The Lone Survivor, part 4 
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The Lone Survivor, part 4
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Posted:  19 Oct 2012 03:36   Last Edited By: new midnight avenger
The lonely Survivor of a bygone age of superheroes, a man also called Brennon, reasoned that Blackhorn could not be kept in stasis indefinitely and so he, Prof Crow, and Omega-Man needed to come up with a more permanent solution. However, the three could not decide on a proper course of action.

“If only we had the shield” Omega-Man said as the light went off in his mind “I could use it to send Blackhorn back to the Darkforce Dimension and ensure he never leaves there again.”

“I do have it” Brennon replied “I found it just before Professor Crow transported me here. But how are you going to use it to send Blackhorn back home?”

“The shield absorbs energy and powers the user if the user’s body can metabolize that energy correct?” he replied as Prof Crow nodded “and lightforce is the polar opposite of darkforce energy. I believe my body can absorb and redirect the energy like that of Soldier Supreme’s.”

“So you want us to power you up?” Brennon said cautiously “to do what exactly?”

“I can then amplify my own inherent abilities so that once Blackhorn is teleported home I can use the focused lightforce to close every dimensional rift that connects the Darkforce Dimension with the rest of the multiverse. Basically I can sever the ties that bind it leaving everything within isolated from rest of existence.”

“Interesting theory” Prof Crow says scratching the straw protruding from his neck “it might just be possible if…let me run some calculations first.”

“Make it quick Crow” Brennon said, “I don’t like the idea of keeping the rhino man caged. It never seems to end well.”

The scientist scarecrow walks out of the room and heads to his laboratory deeply lost in thought. As he passes the stasis pod chamber he hears a loud crash from within. Frightened he rushes to the observation window and sees Blackhorn wrecking the equipment as he breaks free of his temporary prison. Professor Crow slams his fist into a red button on the wall and alarms begin to blare as the entire wing of the building starts to lockdown. Blast doors close as steel plates slide across all glass windows and the walls and floors become electrified.

Prof Crow’s shoes are insulated to protect him from the security measures and he only hopes that Brennon and Omega-Man’s boots are sufficiently protected as well. He had no chance to warn them of the facilities automated defenses in case of a security breach.  He hears the Survivor cursing as electricity crackles and rushes back towards the room where he left the other two.

When he rushes through the door he sees Omega-Man lifting Brennon into the air while defying gravity himself to keep from touching the floor. Brennon’s face was contorted in pain and rage as he was caught unawares. Even Omega-Man’s boots were still smoking from being singed.

“My apologies” Professor Crow assured them “but Blackhorn has broken free and the security measures have been activated.”

“No more time for calculations then” Omega-Man said “Brennon and I will distract him while you ready the transporter to zap him back to his world. At the moment you flip the switch I’ll need to send a concentrated burst of lightforce into the open portal.”

A blast of darkforce energy leveled the wall that separated Blackhorn from the hallway destroying the transformer that powered the electric floor. The massive behemoth stepped through and came face to face with Brennon, swords barred and ready for battle.

“YOOOOUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Blackhorn yelled in recognition “how do you still torment me?”

“I will always be nearby” Brennon replied “for I am the thorn in your side as you are the thorn in mine.”

Blackhorn charged forward, his horn glowing brighter with each step. He unleashed a powerful darkforce blast at point blank range. The darkforce struck home and he was sure that Brennon would now be dead. When the dust settled he found instead Omega-Man standing between him and his victory, the soldier supreme shield held up in defense.

“That is mine” Blackhorn snarled as he reached out to take the shield.

Omega-Man slammed forward striking his grandfather with the shield staggering the Lord of the Darkforce Dimension. Then he called upon his fire-sight and set Blackhorn’s clothing alight. The fire momentarily distracted him giving Brennon the chance to close in with his swords and take a swipe at Blackhorn’s knee. He sliced a large gash in the monstrosity’s leg causing him to howl in pain.

Blackhorn stumbled backwards, he was still somewhat groggy from the stasis and the hall prevented him from maneuvering as well as he’d like. Brennon seemed to have the same problem and the two grappled together more than anything else. Neither one was able to get in an attack of substance. Soon Omega-Man and Brennon boxed him in between them.

A blast of light, not unlike the beam that had brought them all to this world, engulfed Blackhorn. As he faded into the portal Omega-Man channeled a blast of lightforce into the shield and then from their directed it into the portal, amplified tenfold. Blackhorn screamed in pain as the portal closed behind him.

“Do you think that did it?” Brennon asked propped up on his swords to catch his breath.

“I do not know” Omega-Man said “hopefully Professor Crow can tell us for sure.”
Posted:  19 Oct 2012 05:15
Cool to see Blackhorn finally discover the identity of the Survivor.

My favorite part:

“YOOOOUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Blackhorn yelled in recognition “how do you still torment me?”

“I will always be nearby” Brennon replied “for I am the thorn in your side as you are the thorn in mine.”
Posted:  19 Oct 2012 15:29
Very exciting story! Loved how it built up to the fight. The security measures were pretty interesting, but not so cool for the good guys. I guess normally they are supposed to have special boots to keep them from getting electrified.
Posted:  19 Oct 2012 23:06
I agree with Rick; loved this:
“YOOOOUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Blackhorn yelled in recognition “how do you still torment me?”

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