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Posted:  22 Oct 2012 05:40
Everybody loves Optimus Prime (except Megatron of course, but he doesn't really like anyone), and of course, everyone's got their favourite version of Optimus.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess most of you probably like the G1 version, but I thought it might be interesting to see how many of you prefer another version.

I, for example, am kinda fond of the Unicron Trilogy version (specifically, his Cybertron version), because I really like how he can combine with other transformers, and I just generally like the look of him. I guess the Revenge of the Fallen Optimus can do this too, but I've never really liked the look of the Bayformers.

So, what's everyone else's favourite Optimus?
Posted:  22 Oct 2012 13:55
Can't tell if you are a spammer or not. There seem to be legitamite posts like this, but then other times there's ones like your current reply to Johnny Rebel in Firewater Part 2 of 3. Am I mistaken or what were you trying to say in that post?
Posted:  22 Oct 2012 14:34
Hey Victo, just to ease our concerns are you just in this to sell something? We love to have new members, but these days spamming has become a huge problem.

At any rate for now I moved this to the Transformers section. Please try not to put unrelated posts in our members sections.

As far as your question. I guess the original cartoon Optimus from the 80's is my favorite.

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