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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community The Lone Survivor, conclusion 
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The Lone Survivor, conclusion
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Posted:  26 Oct 2012 03:50
“Well, Crow?” Brennon asked clearly agitated by the scarecrow’s lack of urgency.

Unperturbed by his allies tone the scientist replies “even my equipment takes time to process the numbers.”

Omega-Man watches the exchange and shakes his head. This whole thing was his idea. If it didn’t work, well he didn’t want to think about that just yet. Suddenly a device chirped and information began pouring across a large computer screen. Prof Crow looked at it intently, mumbling to himself as his genius intellect processed the information he was seeing. Then he shook his head negatively before speaking.

“99.72% complete severing of the wormholes that tether the Darkforce Dimension with the rest of the multi-verse.”

“What do you mean 99.72%? Omega-Man asked.

The scarecrow points to some numbers on the screen that are meaningless to the other two men “there is one faint portal that wasn’t affected by your light burst. It is in a constant state of flux. It appears to be mobile as well. I can’t seem to pin down its location.”

“So what do you suggest we do?” Brennon asked the scarecrow with more patience now as the news sunk in.

“I’m not entirely sure. We need to shutdown the portal but there are no permanently opened portals to Throneworld now. I will have to see if I can lock onto this energy signature, as it grows stronger and transport one of you there while it is opened. But once you shut it down there will be no return trip.”


John Martin, the Time Rider, watched as the boy he raised to manhood step through the time portal. His own powers had grown weak and he couldn’t hold it open for long. He struggled to keep it open so he could follow but just then, a swarm of darkforce creatures fell upon him. He had to let the portal wink out to keep from letting a single one of these monsters through.

He managed to fight his way out from their midst and put a few feet between them. Then he turned to face them again, staring them down like a Wild West gunslinger. He only hoped he had a weapon. As it was, he had his failing powers and his fists. He knew he was a tough, good ole boy from Tennessee but against the monstrosities he wasn’t sure that was gonna be enough.

He smiled a grim smile as he contemplated his fate then he said “do you feel lucky…well do ya punk?” he wasn’t sure whether he was asking the darkforce creatures or himself but at this moment it didn’t matter much.

When the nearest creature pulled up short John socked him on the jaw as hard as he could. The creature’s bones cracked as it fell. The adrenaline kept him moving as he fought and ran from the darkforce minions. He felt his powers returning slowly. He used them to stay one step ahead of the beasts.

He slowed them down enough to run circles around them clubbing them all over the head knocking them unconscious. His power was fluctuating and if he wasn’t careful he could find himself out of options in the worst possible moment.

Soon he felt enough power flow into him that he opened a short distance portal and separated himself from his pursuers. He teleported to the remains of one of the darkspires that once housed a portal. As he felt his power dwindling from the exertion he saw above him another, larger portal open, a blast of bright white light shot through it and a dark form crashed to the ground at Time-Rider’s feet.

As the dust settled John Martin saw that it was Blackhorn. The Lord of the Darkforce Dimension was alive, but just barely. Omega-Man had done it! The boy he raised proved strong enough to topple this horned behemoth. But he knew Blackhorn needed to be dealt with while he was at his weakest. He could not give the monster a chance to recover.

John kicked Blackhorn in the stomach while he was down and received a weak grunt in reply. This creature was now at his mercy. He felt a surge of power, one strong enough to force Blackhorn’s body to age at a rapid pace and turn the horned demon to dust within moments. His anger at all that had happened to his beloved Earth fueled his power and he started summoning the most powerful time-burst he could muster.

Another portal opened above his head followed by another blast of white light. This time a yellow hooded figure wielding a shield emerged. This took the Time-Rider by surprise and he let go of his anger and he collapsed to his knees. Omega-Man ran to him and help him steady himself.

“You okay?”

“Why are you back?” John Martin demanded of him “I sent you back to Earth to be her savior.”

“And I followed Blackhorn back here to make sure she stayed safe” Omega-Man replied “besides she’s in good hands. Professor Crow sent Brennon back.”

Time-Rider looked at him confused wondering how Omega-Man had found out about some of his former allies but shook his head because it didn’t really matter right now “what do we do about the black horned beast?”

“Well I obliterated all chances of him escaping Throneworld again, all save one, and now I know that chance must have been your powers.”

“Yeah they are shifting constantly now. I can barely control them.”

Omega-Man nodded thoughtfully as Blackhorn grumbled something inaudible and he asked “what’s wrong Grandpa?”

“I’ll kill you all” Blackhorn whispered “for now that I am home my powers will grow exponentially.”

“We need to get out of here” Time-Rider said.

Before he could say anything more Omega-Man blasted the Soldier Supreme shield with his fire-sight charging it up. Then he channeled it into John Martin supercharging his time powers “open a portal back to Earth…now!”

John did it and before stepping through turned back to look at Omega-Man “you coming son?”

“Someone needs to stay and make sure Blackhorn never leaves.”

Omega-Man quit powering Time-Rider and the portal collapsed before John could argue. As it winked out of existence Blackhorn climbed to his feet laughing as his horned glowed with darkforce energy.
Posted:  26 Oct 2012 04:29
Loved the story, but wished this wasn't the conclusion!!!

It's good to see Time-Rider made it out okay, but sad about Omega-Man sacrificing himself to stop Blackhorn.

Will we get to see what happens to Brennon later???
Posted:  26 Oct 2012 04:31
Conclusion? Hmmmmmm.....

So Time-Rider had to leave Throneworld so he couldn't be used as the .28% portal back to Earth, correct?

I envision quite a throw-down between Blackhorn and Omega-Man.

This future story makes me think of this Blackhorn evolution image:

Posted:  26 Oct 2012 14:48
Loved it. Very exciting and lots of action.

I wonder what happens to Omega-Man and Brennon now though?
Posted:  26 Oct 2012 19:59
So Time-Rider had to leave Throneworld so he couldn't be used as the .28% portal back to Earth, correct?

Yeah Time-Rider's powers were in a state of flux so it wasn't a stable portal but he still could have been used and that's why Omega-Man's light blast didn't sever the ties.

I may do another follow up later since you guys want it. Possibly a throwdown between Omega-Man and Blackhorn as well as what happened with Brennon/Survivor after he returned to Earth.

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