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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community MAC Presents: Dark Earth, part 1 
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MAC Presents: Dark Earth, part 1
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Posted:  28 Oct 2012 04:35   Last Edited By: new midnight avenger
Normally the Galaxy Watch would have warned Earth of their coming. However, the intergalactic defenders who scour the universe for threats to life were lured away to the alternate dimension of the Terraverse by one who claims celestial origins but is nothing more than a space pirate with a bag of fancy tricks, the one and only Moh Rai Dur.

    The interstellar warships hovered over the Earth, cloaked to maintain their secrecy. Onboard the lead ship the Fifth King of Uruk, the self-proclaimed Supremeson, Lord Gilgamesh contemplated how he would deal with all the heroes who would most assuredly rise up to try and stop his forces from overtaking the planet.

    “My liege” the wilder said bringing the king out of his reverie “Sentor says the Ripperjacks and the Astro-Gliders are ready and awaiting your orders.”

    “Good” Gilgamesh replied with a mischievous grin “what of Grog and the T’Sarians?”

    It was General Enkidu’s time to smile “the lizards are already in place.”

    Gilgamesh steeples his fingers together in front of him “excellent.”

    Looking around the bridge, he saw to his pleasure that Uni-Blast and the lovely Death Wing had finally arrived. The others had been in place down on Earth for years, some for centuries waiting for his return to this planet. His subjects were all down there waiting to kneel before him, waiting to grovel at his feet.

    “Ah yes even you Captain Midnight, even you will bow down before the might of the Supremeson” Gilgamesh said letting his thoughts escape his lips.

    “Sire?” Enkidu asked thinking he had missed something.

    Gilgamesh shook his head negatively “nothing my oldest friend only thinking out loud.”

    Enkidu looked at the Fifth King thoughtfully for a moment before nodding and turning away. He had other duties to attend to and his friend could handle things here on the bridge without him. Stepping on the platform, he took the transport tube down five levels to the arsenal. The Urukai soldiers would need to be well armed when they began the assault.

    The array of fantastical weapons created on Vrsabha still amazed the wilder from Mithuna. Enkidu’s world was just a jungle teaming with wildlife. Whereas the other was more metal than organic.


    Cannon fire rocked the ground at the heroes’ feet. Soldier Supreme leapt in front of his teammate Lunar Hawk and took a pulse blast on his shield that was meant for her. Then he channeled it into his body. His right fist glowed crimson and he fired a blast back taking out the gunner. Lunar Hawk nodded in thanks and her gloves shimmered changing into sharp talons before she charged off in the direction of another Cannon-Walker.

    Omega-Man and Luminary engaged in a dogfight against flying mechanical bats. Omega-Man’s fire-sight and Luminary’s luminescence blast cut a path through them quickly. The bats counterattacked with sonic screeches that threatened to disorient the flying heroes.

    Moh Rai Dur looked on all this from his cloaked shuttle with little amusement. He did enjoy tormenting others. But he felt this menial task was beneath him. Gilgamesh could have put his talents to better use during the assault on Earth. Instead, he was here babysitting the Galaxy Watch on this barren world. He briefly wondered how long before they caught on to his scheme?

    Liger and Cyclone found themselves back to back amidst a group of cybernetically enhanced velociraptors. Cyclone’s tornado spin scooped up several and he flew them away. Liger’s highly trained reflexes are all that kept him from being bit by one of the robotic dinosaurs as he ran amongst them delivering jabs and roundhouse kicks to their midsections.

    Vortex leapt onto the back of one of the large reptiles and then teleported taking the dinosaur with him. He returned shortly and did the same thing three more times. The more the heroes seemed to thin out the herd the more velociraptors seemed to come at them.

    “This isn’t working” Luminary shouted over the commotion “we need to find another tactic!”

    “We need to find the Marauder!” Liger shouted back.

    Omega-Man hit a bat in the jaw and shattered it with his super strength. Then he surveyed the scene before him with telescopic vision. Something here did not set right with him. He led his team on this wild goose chase.  Now he had to find away to bring down the Marauder and get them all back home.

    “Vortex, Lunar Hawk I want you to breakaway and try to find the Moh Rai Dur while the rest of us try to contain this. When you find him let us know. Do not under any circumstances try and take him on without backup.”

    Vortex nodded his yellow pointy-eared head in understanding and grabbed Lunar’s wrist before whisking her away on their side mission. Omega-Man watched them go and silently wished them luck as Soldier Supreme continued to leap in front of cannon fire drawing as much power into himself as his body could hold readying for a surgical strike that could take out all of the Marauder’s goons in one fell swoop.

Back on Earth…

    The President of the United States Mr. Atwood Briggs meets with the Secretary of Defense Mr. Thomas Nance, the Director of Vigilante Affairs Robbie Westlake, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff in an as yet undisclosed location. The long conference table is littered with manila envelopes and file folders as well as coffee cups and notepads.

    Army General Colton, Air Force General Seaver, Marine General Grier, and Navy Admiral Ackerman watch their Commander in Chief intently awaiting their chance to speak up and be heard. Thomas Nance paces the floor in front of a large projector screen showing satellite footage of space.

    “These extraterrestrials tried to sneak up on us,” the Secretary of Defense was saying as he clicked through the PowerPoint presentation “they managed to get past the Galaxy Watch and enter our solar system. But our military satellites detected their unique energy signatures.”

    “Mr. Nance, pardon my interruption, but I don’t see anything except empty space” General Grier spoke up.

    The SecDef nodded before clicking to the next slide, a close up on a sector of space that seemed to shimmer briefly “the warships are cloaked. They mean to take us by surprise. Hit us before we know we are even at war.”

    Robbie Westlake pushed back his chair and stood up then “we need to call in the outré-humans. With their multitude of powers they could stop this threat.”

    “Excuse me but this is a military matter” General Colton responded “not a matter for civilian super freaks.”

    “With all due respect General, my team has proven the outré-humans can be controlled” Westlake replied, “they can be given orders and they will follow them.”

    “What about the Nighthawks?” Admiral Ackerman demanded, “They don’t follow your orders. Heck they thrashed your vigilantes on several occasions when you tried to order them around.”

    “Minor setbacks” Westlake replied, “Shadow Hawk and company are the exception. The majority will follow orders. Especially if the outré leading them is a former soldier himself.”

    “You are talking about Captain Midnight” the SecDef said “the Soldier out of Time.”

    President Atwood Briggs took over the conversation then “Captain Midnight and I have met before. He is the perfect choice to lead a super powered assault on our extraterrestrial enemies.”

    “Sir, you are not seriously considering this” General Seaver asks “why not let us launch a nuclear strike? The Air Force already has satellites in orbit armed with missiles.”

    “The nuclear fallout that would enter the atmosphere from such a strike could render the entire planet uninhabitable for generations to come” Westlake countered.

    “Enough” the President raised his voice “we will use the heroes first. If they fail then we will hit this threat with nuclear warheads.”
Posted:  28 Oct 2012 04:41   Last Edited By: new midnight avenger
most of this was in the Dark Earth Scenario sneak peak but I did some editing and added on a little bit more for part 1
Posted:  29 Oct 2012 04:03
Really good set-up. Look forward to more!
Posted:  29 Oct 2012 15:41
“The nuclear fallout that would enter the atmosphere from such a strike could render the entire planet uninhabitable for generations to come” Westlake countered.

Definitely should use the heroes first.
Posted:  04 Nov 2012 04:10

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