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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community MAC Presents: Dark Earth, part 2 
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MAC Presents: Dark Earth, part 2
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Posted:  01 Nov 2012 00:38   Last Edited By: new midnight avenger
Saint Katherine’s Bay town square…

    The Huntsman drew back his bow taking aim. His target was easily within his sights. A hit was ordered on Mayor Greenberg and he would be the one collecting the reward this time. He let loose his arrow and it sped forward just as Martha Greenberg took the stage to stand behind the podium to make her speech.

    On an adjacent roof, a pale-skinned bald man wearing goggles took aim with his pistols. Bloodshot squeezed the triggers and the bullets burst forth from the barrels speeding their way towards the mayor’s skull. Martha Greenberg never stood a chance.

    Behind the stage, a man dressed in green scrubs and a lab coat pulled out his silenced pistol and pointed it at Mayor Greenberg’s back. The Surgeon would claim the reward for this hit. He pulled the trigger and shot her pointblank.

    Martha Greenberg froze in shock as not only an arrow struck her heart but two bullets penetrated her forehead at the same moment another lodged into her back. All three assassins found their mark and she collapsed in a pool of her own blood. Her bodyguard rushed to her side and began looking around for the shooters. Nevertheless, all three had already vanished into the shadows as silently as they had come.

    The crime boss known only as the Suit smiled at the computer screen, the target was dead. He knew his ten million dollar bounty would bring out the best hitters. Watching the footage it looked like multiple assassins struck at once. What a shame they would never see the money he’d offered up. As soon as he figured out which ones did the shooting he’d give an anonymous tip to the authorities and have them all arrested.

Inside the Aviary, headquarters of the Nighthawks…

    “John the mayor’s been killed” Alicia told her husband as Ethan McKnight came into the command center.

    “Looks like three shooters” Ethan added setting his bow down on the table “Ashley and Jessie were there when it went down. They tried to pick up the trail but these hitters are pros. They left no clues behind.”

    “What were the wards doing there?” John asked talking about the younger vigilantes in training.

    “Your sister and Ashley wanted to hear the mayor’s speech today” Alicia said “Martha Greenberg was going to be supporting a bill legalizing the Nighthawks as defenders of the city.”

    “Looks like someone doesn’t want us to gain favor with the police, they want us to remain outlaws hunting outlaws as it hinders us” Ethan figured.

    John walks out of the command center and into his arsenal. He donned his Shadow Hawk suit and grabbed a small remote that he placed into his utility belt. Alicia did the same and Ethan, who had just returned from patrol, picked up his bow preparing himself to return to the field.

    “We need to find out who did this” Shadow Hawk told them “get Blackbird and Talon to meet us at the crime scene.”

    “I already told you they left no clues” Ethan, the Rook replied.

    “Yes clues that we won’t pick up. But the Hawkbot’s scanners might find something we missed.”

    Alicia, Raptor, sighed “not that shadow-bladed android of yours? Do you remember what happened last time he was activated?”

    “He killed half the city council,” Nightbird reminded his mentor finally entering the conversation.

    Shadow Hawk nodded “the half secretly working for the Suit. Don’t fret this time I’ve built in a failsafe. The moment Hawkbot goes rogue…BOOM!” he said making an explosive hand gesture.

    The vigilante protector known as Shadow Hawk knew that a self-destruct would most likely be in order this time. He couldn’t afford the risk of his shadow-blade taking matters into its own hands. Even though the council members had been evil, John still felt remorse in their deaths. He avoided killing when he could even though he had been trained in the shadow arts by the Shadow Master of the Taka Ninja Clan.

“You really think this little war you have going on in this city will make a real difference?” a voice said from the doorway as a man who was not part of the Nighthawks entered.

“What are you doing here Damian?” Vick Heavy, Nightbird, asked.

“Nothing that concerns you baby bird, I’m here to talk to the grownups.”

“Whatever Westlake wants this time” Shadow Hawk replied “you can go tell him where to shove it…as usual.”

Damian Cross, also known as Osprey, smiled “I’m not here to fight. Besides this comes from President Briggs, not the Director.”

Raptor’s lip curled in a snarl as she told him “get out of here you worthless piece of…”

Shadow Hawk interrupted her with a raised hand “my interest is peaked if Atwood Briggs is involved. What do you want?”

Osprey knew he had the vigilante now “just take a look at the information on this flash drive” he said handing over a small rectangular stick “the mission brief is on there. If you agree contact us via secure channels. If we don’t hear from you in the next 18 hours we’ll assume the answer is No and we will proceed with our secondary options.”

With that last remark Damian Cross exited the building without even a goodbye. The Nighthawks watched him go and the Rook took the flash drive and plugged it in to the Birdseye computer.

Wayward City…

    Cole Turner flips on the lights in his apartment as he walks into the door. Something feels wrong here. He left the television on when he went out but it was off now. He set down the brown sack of groceries on the counter then he reached for the pair of mystical bracers he kept under the kitchen counter.

    “You don’t need those Captain,” a man said stepping into the room.

    “Jackson Hare” Cole muttered under his breath “what do you want?”

    “Director Westlake wants to extend an invitation to the Pentagon for a meeting. We have matters of Extraterrestrial importance to discuss.”

    “What sort of extraterrestrial dilemma are we facing now?”

    “One led by the Supremeson who I believe is an old acquaintance of yours.”

    “Gilgamesh” Cole said as if it were a curse upon his lips “the Fifth King of Uruk.”

    Hare nodded “his fleet is in orbit above the Earth as we speak.”

    “Westlake wants me to stop an entire armada?” Cole Turner asked concerned “I am but one man.”

    “The Director wants you to lead an army of outré-humans against him.”
Posted:  01 Nov 2012 13:49
Nice vignettes.

Triple assassins; bet they'll have to take each other out for the bounty.

This has me intrigued:
...we will proceed with our secondary options
Posted:  01 Nov 2012 16:51
“The Director wants you to lead an army of outré-humans against him.”

Sounds like a big battle is coming.

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