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Captain Freedom: Project Deep Freeze
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Posted:  01 Nov 2012 01:13

February 1945:

Slowly my view comes into (relative) focus. I’m still groggy and my ears are humming. I’m in some sort of coffin or capsule. Interior is generally sized to my body which allows next to no movement. There is a glass view screen that allows me to see most of the room I’m in. To my astonishment, Adolf Hitler stands less than 10 feet from me. After all these years I’m so close, yet in no position to act as I wish could. Aside from non-descript scientist types I recognize Iron Eagle and Death Mask in a heated discussion with the Fuhrer. My German is rudimentary, but I can make out enough to know there is some type of debate as to my fate. Iron Eagle’s face goes red as he angrily points my direction while clearly arguing with Hitler. Death Mask says little, all the while never taking his eerie gaze off me. Suddenly a door opens and the mood of the room clearly changes. A masked figure in full Nazi dress uniform joins the conversation. I don’t recognize him, but I think my muffled hearing picks up the name “Baron Wolf”, or something similar. Within seconds Hitler is nodding is agreement with the words of the additional figure. Adolf  Hitler then motions to a nearby scientist. There is a sudden rush of cold, followed by darkness.

April 1992:

The light is blinding. I can make out the shape of a hand rubbing the surface of the glass directly in front of my face. The hand appears to be removing dirt or dust. I make out the German phrase “Mein Gott!”. Shortly thereafter everything goes dark again.

Four days later:

I hear a murmur of voices, English this time- ......Freedom. My name is Doctor Bostwick; we’re here to help you.

The room is bright, but my eyes adjust quickly. Clearly I’m in some type of hospital room. “Dr. Bostwick” is holding my wrist with a stethoscope in hand. Doesn’t appear to be a normal hospital, more like something out of an adventure serial movie set. Straps restrain me. I struggle against them, but it’s futile. I can tell my strength is sapped. They speak English, but are they Nazi sympathizers? I strain against my bonds again, but soon sense tunnel vision coming. I hear a few more incoherent words then I pass out again.


Captain Freedom is successfully awoken permanently the next day. He is soon convinced he is safe hands and ends his attempt escape effort. The shocks continue though as he comes to grip that he is now nearly 50 years past his last lucid memories.

He soon learns the story of his rediscovery. The Berlin site was in a remodel phase to replace poorly built post-WW2 buildings from the early 1950s. After demolition, construction began April 4th. On April 6th construction was halted after a backhoe exposed an unknown electrical line. This lead the crew to an exposed a void on April 7th . Curious construction workers descended into the underground complex and found Captain Freedom in his cryo-capsule. Authorities were immediately called to the scene. The cryo-capsule was spirited away to the United States under heavy security and secrecy. After several months of physical training and counseling, on July 4th, 1992 Captain Freedom was reintroduced to America and the world.
Posted:  01 Nov 2012 16:44
Very interesting story. I love WWII stories.
Posted:  04 Nov 2012 04:05
I always enjoy reading about Roger Stevens.
Posted:  04 Nov 2012 15:27
Thanks guys. I have a related storyline all but ready that is also based on the same image......

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