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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community Untold Tales from the Darkness, Vol.12: Johnny Rebel 
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Untold Tales from the Darkness, Vol.12: Johnny Rebel
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Posted:  16 Nov 2012 02:22

Featuring Johnny Rebel and Mysterion

November 2011:

...Group 3 he’s all yours!

A sudden flash of bright light causes all to squint. Even Blackhorn is dazed. Through blurry eyes he sees multiple figures in the sky approaching rapidly. He takes a defensive stance, but can’t gauge their rate of descent. Superion lands first and grabs him from behind. Phantom Marvel streaks in and delivers a massive flying blow to Blackhorn’s chin. Both Superion and Blackhorn crumble to the ground in a cloud of sand. A woozy Superion rises almost immediately, but Blackhorn stays down in a limp state.

Golden Sentinal and Big Blue defensively crouch close to the black hulk- He’s out!- they shout in unison.

That’s it? - the majority thinks.

Granted I ate my Wheaties this morning, but I didn’t expect a one-punch victory. Not to complain, but what gives?!?!

Captain Freedom soon reaches the collective group of heavyweights surrounding Blackhorn. He crouches near the figure and does a quick survey. He says- Awesome work guys. Time-Rider has a containment unit on the way, they’ll be here in minutes.

What do we do with him in the interim?-asks Deadlaw.

Do we need to worry about him waking?-asks Superion.

Captain Freedom replies- No need guys. As hard as it may seem to believe, this isn’t Blackhorn…

...what!? How’d he get away?- ask several simultaneously.

There’s no need for alarm, everything is under control. Time-Rider briefed me a few minutes ago and he’ll brief the SDL body later today or tomorrow. Either way, our mission was successful and will be complete with-in the hour- says Captain Freedom.

The heroes offer up a mix of head shakes and astonished looks as a murmur of conversations begin to take place. Confusion reigns, even as the dark immobile figure is removed by an SDL tech crew. Some heroes leave, but many stay; still hyped-up by the events of the last hour.

Quite a punch you landed there big guy- says Johnny Rebel.

Thanks Johnny- replies Phantom Marvel.

Yes sir, ain’t seen a haymaker thrown like that since ’45.

I’m just glad we were able to end it before it spun totally out of control.

Agreed. Thought I’d seen the worse during WW2, but Blackhorn had the potential to wreak havoc on a scale like never before. I shudder to think “what if”. You guys handled the situation well.

Johnny, what do you mean “you guys”?

Errr......nothing neighbor. Guess I meant “we” since I’ve clearly been around the whole time and…-says Johnny Rebel as he looks skyward. He thinks- Anytime now Mysterion


Johnny Rebel, your assistance was critical.

Critical? I didn’t get to lay a hand on the brute. Why’d you even bring me to the future?

I knew not how the battle would unfold. Know now your presence these last few weeks provided confidence and inspiration to all you encountered.

I reckon that’s something, but I’da preferred a right cross to that big gorilla’s chin.

All served their purpose Johnny Rebel.

Won’t argue that. Pretty good crew here in the future. Heroes of all shapes, sizes, and abilities. Back in ‘53 there’s maybe a dozen total, and that includes the bad guys. How’d there get to be so many?

That is something you will need to experience as it unfolds.

Took a liking to the Time-Rider. Since he’s from Tennessee and exists in my time-line, I’d hope we can meet up soon.


Come’on Mysterion, I know you’re going to erase my memory anyway, so can’t you be a little more open on the facts? I got a question about Phantom Marvel, he kinda reminded me of...

I return you now whence you came Johnny Rebel. Humanity, and I, thank you.


Johnny Rebel surveys the area. The smoldering hunk of metal lays insert in the tall grass.

He says to himself- Wow, that thing packed quite a wallop; my heads still buzzing from it's rockets. The Reds are making improvements. Guessing I got more Commie-Bots to deal with so looks like it’s up to yours truly to knock ‘em back to Moscow via Pyongyang.

With a massive punch he sends the nearby battle-suit into the muck of mud and with a grin of satisfaction Johnny Rebel takes flight into the cool Korean air.

Posted:  16 Nov 2012 15:44
Every little helps
Posted:  16 Nov 2012 17:06
Good way to put Johnny Rebel into the story and yet not allow him to have any memory of it. That might have changed history big time if he had. Doesn't take much to change everything around in the future, err present, or you know, as we time travel experts are aware of course.
Posted:  18 Nov 2012 08:25
Looks like ol' Johnny Reb was getting a little close to the truth :

Come’on Mysterion, I know you’re going to erase my memory anyway, so can’t you be a little more open on the facts? I got a question about Phantom Marvel, he kinda reminded me of...

I return you now whence you came Johnny Rebel. Humanity, and I, thank you.

All of the dialogue seems to fit Rebel well. I really liked this line:

Yes sir, ain’t seen a haymaker thrown like that since ’45.
Posted:  18 Nov 2012 16:43
Thanks Rick. Since he'd be losing his memories anyway thought it'd be fun to throw in a few references to B29 and Time-Rider.

I am curious though as to when and where Time-Rider and Johnny first meet.
Posted:  19 Nov 2012 15:08
That's a good question Jerod. It had be before the 50's because he was helping Time-Rider in Time-Rider issue 1 volume 2 in the summer of 57 which may have been the first time in a story they met, but we know they probably saw each other in World War II too because of TR's time traveling back into the war effort.

Maybe Wayne has some thoughts on that question too.
Posted:  20 Nov 2012 00:35
Hmmmmmm....did I mess up continuity???
Posted:  20 Nov 2012 02:59
Nah, nothing is written in stone, when it comes to time travel anyway. So maybe the first time line Rebel meets Time-Rider later on and the second time around in WWII.
Posted:  20 Nov 2012 03:37
That's what I was hoping.....
Posted:  20 Nov 2012 10:14
Anything is possible...keep watching this space for a new tale of wonder...(once I get the drawings done)

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