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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community Time-Rider: The ATTA Incident 
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Time-Rider: The ATTA Incident
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Posted:  04 Feb 2013 19:37   Last Edited By: Tim
Time-Rider: The ATTA Incident
His name is John Martin, aka Time-Rider. He travels through time the way other people hop on the interstate to go to work in the morning. His job is to keep the timeline straight, with no curves, and no interference from bad guys, like Bastian Wolfe, who would love to rule the world, or if they can’t rule it, destroy it. There is no more daunting task than preventing time traveling masterminds from changing history. After all, it only takes a small change here or there to create havoc in the present.

John Martin has been traveling through time so much in his lifetime that sometimes he wonders exactly when is the present? Is he where he’s supposed to be at the moment?  Making matters even more complicated are all the parallel universes and alternate timelines he’s come into contact with over the years. His only real anchor to reality is his loving wife Jill, aka the super heroine, Windfire. They’ve been married for decades now, even though you couldn’t tell it due to their slower aging processes. Jill, for her part, hasn’t aged a day since they first became husband and wife, but Martin has become a little white around the ears now.

Jill comes from another planet, one that no longer exists in our timeline, but Martin’s entire molecular structure was rewired a long time ago on the ship, the USS Eldridge, during a project known as the Philadelphia Experiment.  Martin has a unique relationship with the time stream. He can seemingly move at speeds too fast for the eye to process, but, from his standpoint, it seems as though time just slows down when he’s in danger, like when he’s dodging bullets, or fighting ten guys at once.

Today, he still lives in Shadow Town, Tennessee after having raised children and watched his grandchildren grow up. He’ll never retire from the mask, not until he can be sure his children and grandchildren are safe from the dangers of time manipulation. After all, if some villain like Bastian Wolfe could change history, perhaps erase his family from existence, that would be something he could never bear because, as far as he knows, the ability to remember past timelines has always been one of his abilities.

It sometimes takes a few years, but the memories come back eventually. Like the memory of the first timeline where Jill’s planet Elohi-2 still existed, and his powers had grown exponentially thanks in part to a super suit he had obtained. It was also a timeline where his buddy Jake had betrayed him, prompting them to go back to the Eldridge, cut the experiment short, and start a new timeline. Read Time-Rider 19

For the most part this timeline has been great, but he wonders sometimes what if it had never gone down this way? What if there was more than one timeline, because, as he knows, Bastian Wolfe alone has attempted to alter the timeline countless times, not to mention Time-Reaver. Are there alternate worlds out there now because of the actions of those evil few? What if he had another family out there somewhere? What if? It’s a question that haunts all of us one time or another. If we believe our lives are perfect, we wonder, what if we had missed that opportunity here or there. If we feel like failures, we wonder just the opposite. What if we had gone this way, or that way? Would we have been great successes?

It wasn’t until the 1950’s that he became aware of the previous timeline, and that was due to the appearance of Time-Reaver and the ‘57 Chevy, controlled by an artificial intelligence, one that was created by and based on the personality of Max.

Max was an alien left over from the previous timeline. He just happened to be living at ATTA headquarters during the last time shift. Anybody or anything there is immune to any changes in the outside world. It is not known if Jill, aka Windfire, was at ATTA during the last time shift, or if she herself is somehow immune, as Jill seems to retain memories of a past time line.

Today, Time-Rider is riding in the ’57 Chevy for old times’ sake. He has had a squadron of flying time machines since his early days, but this one remains his favorite. Arriving in the mountainside entrance to Area 51’s ATTA headquarters, Martin notices that something is amiss, for one, the door appears older, and, as he flies into the ATTA dock, there are no soldiers to greet him. The lights are on, but they would work for a thousand years, even after nuclear war.

Time-Rider notices that cobwebs hang everywhere. As Time-Rider walks down the corridors he notices, that the computers seem dated, larger than they once were, like the way they were a few decades ago maybe as far back as the 80’s. He wanders into the garage area where many ATTA vehicles are housed, but finds nothing except one old flying corvette from the 70’s that had been partially dismantled.

From there, he continues to main computer room where most of the records are kept.  The computer room is huge, every step inside echoes. The computer screen, which is over 200 inches wide, remains silent. No one is around. Usually the alien Max would be lurking around, but today nothing. Suddenly, over the intercom, a voice booms out, “Time-Rider, thank the Great Creator you have finally arrived. I have waited years for you”.

Martin answered back, “Max is that you?”

“The Max you know has been dead for years now. I am his creation, an artificial intelligence based upon his personality, but you may call me Max if you wish.”

At that moment, a figure walked out of the darkened corner where the lights have been turned off for years.

“Who the heck are you?” Time-Rider asks.

Just then, the man stepped into the light. He is wearing a bomber jacket and a blue t-shirt, but what is striking to Time-Rider is the fact that he looks exactly like himself a few decades ago.

“Well what the Sam Hill is going on here?” Time-Rider asked in a bit of a state of shock.

The man replied, “My name is John Martin, Agent of ATTA, and I was about to ask you the same thing.”

To be continued in part two!

Check out the new book The Time Cruisers in The Exodus Trap to find out more about this Agent John Martin of ATTA!
Posted:  05 Feb 2013 00:40
I was wondering if this might happen!
Posted:  06 Feb 2013 01:38
John Martin vs John Martin?

Way to tie in the SU with your new book Tim
Posted:  06 Feb 2013 02:02
Thanks MA!
Posted:  07 Feb 2013 07:04
I'm glad you included some background on Time-Rider. I didn't know this:

Jill comes from another planet

Cool, so both versions of John Martin get to meet.

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