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Discuss The Time Cruisers in The Exodus Trap
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Posted:  05 Feb 2013 16:00
Order the Time Cruisers book from Amazon

Let me know what you thought about the book. Discuss any aspects you like, and feel free to ask me questions. Talk about what you liked or disliked.

Please try not to give away how it all ends though.

For those who aren't familiar with the book, here's the official description.

A search for a missing scientist, responsible for the Philadelphia Experiment during World War II, takes his son, Ronald Montgomery, and his friends on an exciting, epic-sized time travel adventure through biblical history and beyond.

While on his journey, he must confront incredible odds, facing the likes of Pharaoh's army, and Adolf Hitler’s Nazi soldiers and villainous right hand man, Bastian Wolfe. Joining him on this adventure are his prospective love interest, Mary, his rival for her affections, Mack, Professor Jack Warren, and a mysterious government agent named John Martin.

Along the way, this group of time traveling adventurers will also encounter Noah, Moses, and even the Biblical strong man, Samson. Relive the Bible’s greatest adventures through the eyes of our heroes, and learn the secrets of America’s underground time travel organization, known as ATTA, sworn to defend America from all enemies, past, present, and future.

It's a thrill ride that spans the centuries and makes you witness to the most spectacular events of all human history!
Posted:  05 Feb 2013 19:42
I just find this new thing off of Amazon. It's a site where you can add information for a book. If I'm not mistaken readers can join and add info like favorite quotes and so forth. I added some character info an description.
Shelfari Time Cruisers page
Posted:  06 Feb 2013 05:15
I'm through chapter 5. Don't want to reveal anything so I'll keep it basic.

I have to say it's a good read so far. The characters are introduced well and the story is progressing at a good pace.

It's fun reading as the style seems a bit different than your usual SU stories. I don't want to use the word "better" as that implies the SU stuff is no good, so I'll just say it has a different flow to it.

Here at SU we're spoiled with a certain amount of familiarity with some of the characters, though Agent Martin is not necesserily our "Time-Rider". Bastian Wolfe could be the SU version, and if not it still gives some insight into him as I'm sure he shares some general history with the SU version.

Look forward to more posting so I can eventually ask Tim some questions I have.....

Get reading people!
Posted:  06 Feb 2013 07:15
I finished it Monday night. It was a really fun read.

I really like how you handled Bastian Wolfe. He came across as a classic villain, and as depressing as it was, I loved his origin story too. Can't say much more about that though without spoilers.
Posted:  06 Feb 2013 15:30
Thanks so much guys.

It's kind of difficult to know how much to share about the story without giving too much away. I love knowing what you all think about the all the aspects of the story in the book.

Jerod, you are right Bastian Wolfe is basically the same character in the book as he is in the SU universe. That could change at some point in the future, but as he is described in the book is pretty much as he is in the SU universe, or timeline maybe I should say.

I started a wiki section for characters in the book. For lack of a better term, I'm giving the book's world the title of the T-Zero timeline.

It was a lot of work writing the book, but it was fun. It's kind of cool, once you get a good idea of who your characters are, they almost write themselves, if it weren't for editing it wouldn't take no time, other than having to research certain things, of course. I wound up doing lots of research here and there to make sure everything had a certain feeling of reality to it.
Posted:  08 Feb 2013 00:07
Just added a page on the thought processes behind the writing of The Time Cruisers in the features section.

Behind the scenes of the Time Cruisers book

I'm not sure if behind the scenes is the correct terminology for a book, but oh well.
Posted:  20 Feb 2013 17:40
So far we've sold ten kindle units. Very encouraging start. Guys, don't forget, once you've read Time Cruisers, please add a review to Amazon.

Thanks guys for all the support! I really appreciate it.
Posted:  21 Feb 2013 04:32
Just read an interesting passage where it talks about Agent Martin learning to use a six-shooter in the old west after the Eldridge incident. Wonder if that period will be explored further?????
Posted:  21 Feb 2013 15:25
Actually, I do have ideas for the next book that revolve around Agent Martin's western adventures.

Martin's time in the old west help make Martin the marksman that he is with a pistol. He was already a marksman with a rifle thanks to his early days hunting back in the woods of Shadow Town.

I love old westerns so I hope to come up with some good stuff in that area. The next book may center mostly around Martin's past. I'm working on another health book right now, but I hope to have it done in a couple of months and then start on the next Time Cruisers. At least that's the plan, Lord willing.

Oh and in the current book, before it's over you'll see how being good with a gun helped him back in the western days in one particular instance, but I don't want to give anything away. That flashback scene is pretty important to the story as a whole. Top secret.
Posted:  10 Mar 2013 04:50
Finished reading most of it today. I didn't read the end which explains Bastian Wolfe's origin or at least what I'm thinking is Bastian's origin.

I liked the idea of Ronald having a time machine and then how it was altered with Mack's '57 Chevy. I won't say much as not to spoil anything for those who haven't read it but it was good. I liked how they got to witness different historic/biblical events firsthand.

Got to feel bad for those onboard the Eldridge though, especially the ones who were fused.
Posted:  11 Mar 2013 00:18   Last Edited By: Tim
Glad you are enjoying it. Thanks for posting your thoughts. If you get a chance post your thoughts on Amazon too. So far the book has got one review. The more reviews the better of course.

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