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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community Time-Rider: The ATTA Incident Part 2 
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Time-Rider: The ATTA Incident Part 2
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Posted:  06 Feb 2013 01:57   Last Edited By: Tim
Time-Rider: The ATTA Incident - Part 2   
Read Part one!

Time-Rider was startled to see ATTA completely deserted, but that was nothing compared to the shock of seeing his younger duplicate. There he was though, dressed in a bomber jacket, a dark blue t-shirt, and khakis with an unique V for victory belt buckle. No mask, in fact he looked more like Indiana Jones than a superhero. He introduced himself as John Martin, Agent of ATTA, and wanted to know what was going on. A question Time-Rider pondered as well.

Agent Martin, studying Time-Rider up and down, asked, “What’s with the mask, Lone Ranger?”

“The mask is to protect my loved ones. The fewer people that know my identity, the safer they are.”

Agent Martin remarked, “I got to tell you, there is something about you that looks awfully familiar.”

“Ditto!” said Time-Rider. “What year are you from, friend?”

“1944. What year is this?”

“It’s 2013, Agent Martin.”

“Wait a minute, I know you. Take off the mask, and darken in the hair a bit, and you’re me,” said Agent Martin.

“Yeah, well, you got me, but the question is, if you are me from ’44, then why in the Sam Hill don’t I remember this happening before?” asked Time-Rider puzzled. “What was the last thing you did before ATTA turned into a ghost town?”

“I was doing a little fact finding for ATTA. I was sent to verify whether or not ATTA was still in existence in the future of 1995. When I went through the docking bay, there was nobody around, just as empty as a ghost town. Sure is a mystery. If you like you say, it’s really 2013, how in the heck did I skip almost two decades without knowing it?”

Looking at the computer room’s giant screen, Time-Rider called for the artificial intelligence still running the computer systems, “Max, do you have anything at all you’d like to share with us?”

“It was…it was…”Max stutters as if his circuits were malfunctioning. “It is difficult to say. I was deprogrammed. I was supposed to forget…forget…”

“Come on Max! Spit it out! Forget what?” Time-Rider said angrily.

Max finally spit out, “President…President’s fault,” and then the lights flickered and Max was once again silent.

Time-Rider began thinking out loud, “What President? Reagan? Carter? I saved Reagan once from an alien, but that was back in the ’74. “

To be continued in part 3

Check out the new book The Time Cruisers in The Exodus Trap to find out more about this Agent John Martin of ATTA!
Posted:  06 Feb 2013 03:13
Did the President decommission ATTA?

Wonder what the two Martin's are going to do about it?

This is really cool Tim
Posted:  06 Feb 2013 05:12
Thanks MA! I'll post the next part tomorrow.
Posted:  06 Feb 2013 05:32
Sounds like trouble if even Agent Martin gets lost in time...
Posted:  09 Feb 2013 03:38
Like the interactions between the two Martins especially the Lone Ranger reference.

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