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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community Time-Rider: The ATTA Incident Part 3 
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Time-Rider: The ATTA Incident Part 3
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Posted:  06 Feb 2013 20:15   Last Edited By: Tim
continued from Time-Rider: The ATTA Incident Part 2

“Whoa, the actor, Ronald Reagan, was President? I’ve been to the future before, but I never got a chance to figure out who all was President, and so forth. I’m still getting over those tiny call phones, and VCR disks.”

“Actually, they are called cell phones, and VCRs are almost dead now for the most part. It’s DVDs and Blu-rays,” Time-Rider clarified.

“Sure thing, old me. Say, I just realized, I finally started to age. Not sure if I should be happy about that, or worried.”

“Never mind that, Agent Martin. Wait a minute. Of course, Clinton was President in ’95.”

“Bingo, bingo! You’ve just answered the million dollar question!” Max said in a recorded voice that sounded just like the late comedian and game show host, Groucho Marx.

“Clinton! What did he have to do with this? Come on Max what’s going on?” Time-Rider demanded.

“Look, masked me, that computer guy isn’t worth much if you ask me. I think his transistors are fried,” said Agent Martin. He continued, “What year did I start wearing a mask anyway?”

“I’ve worn this mask since the 1950’s, but the thing I don’t understand is, I was never an agent for ATTA in ’44.”


“Yes, and I find that very troubling. The best I can figure is there’s another timeline that I, we, lived in that I’m not even familiar with. The idea that I had yet another whole life that I can’t remember is mind boggling. Tell me, have you met Jill, yet, Agent Martin?”

Agent Martin suddenly got very serious and asked, “What do you know about Jill?”

“She’s my wife of course. We had two sons, and a whole train load of grandchildren. Why? What’s the matter? What's with the look, mister!”

Just then, Max interrupted once again, “Dum, dum, de dum, dum, dum, dum, dum,” as he hummed the Presidential theme. Max continued, “Boy was that a dum thing to do.”

“What!” Agent Martin yelled. “Spit it out!”
As if Agent Martin’s anger had scared Max into compliance, an image on the computer screen lit up with President Bill Clinton talking to a general next to one of ATTA’s smaller time portals.

“Turn it up, Max. We need to hear what they are saying.

To be continued in part 4

Check out the new book The Time Cruisers in The Exodus Trap to find out more about this Agent John Martin of ATTA!
Posted:  07 Feb 2013 00:02
uh oh what did Clinton do to screw up the timeline?
Posted:  07 Feb 2013 00:53
Only time will tell. I'll post the next part tomorrow.
Posted:  07 Feb 2013 05:15
Talk about a teaser ending!
Posted:  10 Feb 2013 08:38
Agent Martin suddenly got very serious and asked, “What do you know about Jill?”

This comment may apply more to the book than the story, but I do like how you handled Jill's role in the T-Zero Universe. I'm glad to see her acknowledged here.

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