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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community You Can Never Go Home Again Part Two! 
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You Can Never Go Home Again Part Two!
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Posted:  15 Feb 2013 18:37
First, read You Can Never Go Home Again Part One!

Agent John Martin, a man from another time line in 1944, which we refer to as T-Zero, made his way to his alternate timeline parent's home in Shadow Town, Tennessee where he was discovered by our time line's Jill Martin, aka Windfire. Agent Martin kissed the wife of this timeline's John Martin, aka Time-Rider, prompting the following exchange:

"Who...who are you?"

"I'm...I'm...John, of course. Don't you know me?"

And now part two -

Jill replied, "You may look and sound like my John, but you don't have the same spirit. I can sense it. It's like you are and you aren't him at the same time."

"We all change based on our circumstances and experiences over time. Maybe, I'm him before he got to this part of his life? I'm not a scientist or a philosopher, but I figure something happened in my timeline that maybe started it all over again, and that's how he and you are together after all these years."

Jill answered, "Maybe it's more like a parallel universe. You know, maybe you really are your own person. You obviously are here existing at the same time as my John. All that aside you can't do that. You can't ever do that again," she said referring to the kiss. "I belong to my John, till death do us part, alternate time lines, and parallel universes all aside."

John Martin replied, "What if I was the only one, wouldn't you, by rights, be my wife?"

It was a stupid question, and he knew it just as soon as it came out of his mouth, but he was feeling overwhelmed by emotion for this woman, whether or not she was the same woman he knew in the past was another question altogether.

With a startled look on her face, Jill asked, "What are you implying?"

John immediately spoke out, but it was too late, "No, that's not what I meant. I'm...," but, just as the words were coming out of his mouth, Time-Rider burst through the door of his deceased parents small home, grabbed John Martin and threw him to the ground outside.

Time-Rider, looking rather angry, said, "I heard the whole thing. Jill turned on her wrist watch communicator just in time. In our line of business, you have to always be prepared, and Mister, just so you know, you ain't about to kill me and take my wife, you dirty...!"

Agent Martin cut him off raising and waving his hands in a defensive mode as if to say back up, "Now look, just hold on yourself, fella, I didn't mean that the way it sounded. Just let me explain," he said as the two stood staring at one another eyeball to eyeball, hunkered down, knees slightly bent, ready to lunge forward with an attack.

Time-Rider replied back angrily, "I suppose you didn't mean to kiss my wife, either did you pal?" he said before beginning a flurry of flying fists no ordinary man could see.

But it appeared that Agent Martin was no ordinary man either. He answered every shot, blocking and sending his own telegraphic messages straight for Time-Rider's head, neither one really connecting as if they were in complete sync with each other's actions.

TR jumped into the air with a roundhouse kick that would make Van Damme jealous, but, at the same exact moment, Agent Martin did the exact same move. Each man hit the other man square in the jaw, and each man fell backward to the ground like elements of an explosion.

"Holy...you really pack a kick for an older guy!" Agent Martin said rubbing his jaw.

"You ain't so bad yourself!" Time-Rider shouted as he instantly jumped back to his feet like an acrobatic ninja and ran toward the Agent, leaping into the air, fist raised, as he pounded the Agent into the ground before he could get up.

Jill, running toward TR and stopping to look down at the unconscious Agent Martin, said, "John, is that you on the ground, I mean, I know all the scientific jargon, the parallel universes, the alternate time lines, but I need to know, is that you or isn't it?"

"I don't know, dear," Time-Rider paused, "I just don't know."

Jill, pointing her finger, exclaimed, "Look! He's fading!"

Time-Rider, grabbing his wife in his arms, said, "It's ok, dear, he's probably going back to wherever it is he came from."

Just then a call came over TR's watch communicator from a soldier at ATTA. "Sir, we've kept an eye on the Chevy like you said and it just disappeared. I mean, I was looking right at it, and it disappeared right before my eyes."

TR replied, "Don't worry about it soldier. I think I know where it went. You all just keep up the good work, over and out."

Jill looking at Time-Rider with eyes of deep concern, "I told the other you, that he didn't have the same spirit as you do, John, but I don't know, I think he had your soul. There was just something a little sad about him. Like someone in his life was missing. He had no peace about him."

"Let's go home, dear."

Jill replied, "Don't you want to drive?"

"No, I'll leave the car here. Let's just take a nice walk back over to the house together. I want to enjoy the moment."

"Sure, dear, whatever you say," Jill replied as the two walked home hand in hand, each wondering for whatever reason at that moment, what their lives might have been like without each other.

Stay tuned to Superherouniverse.com for more Time-Rider adventures, and check out the new Time Cruisers book for more on Agent Martin and his mysterious past.
Posted:  15 Feb 2013 22:55
Cool. I'd have loved to see this fight!

Wonder where Agent Martin is off to now?
Posted:  15 Feb 2013 23:57
He's probably back in his time line in 1944 waiting for his next mission, but then you just never can tell.
Posted:  16 Feb 2013 02:14
Awesome! It was cool how all their blows mimicked each other during the fight.

I think Agent Martin is missing the Jill in his life.
Posted:  18 Feb 2013 01:26
"What if I was the only one, wouldn't you, by rights, be my wife?"

Whoa that definately did sound like Martin was thinking about knocking off Time-Rider.

There was just something a little sad about him. Like someone in his life was missing. He had no peace about him."

That's one thing that makes the character of John Martin interesting and at the same time different from Time-Rider. He's basically what Time-Rider would be if he lost his Jill.

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