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Windfire's Secret Origin!
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Posted:  19 Feb 2013 00:00   Last Edited By: Tim
Jill Martin Windfire Origin ATTA Max Files

Greetings, I am Max, ATTA's resident alien and bookkeeper, if you will. It is my job to help analyze, decipher, and develop a cohesive structure of all timelines leading to our own.

In Time-Rider's original timeline, it appeared as though Jill Martin, aka the superheroine known as Windfire, was from a future time and a planet called Elohi-2. It was through a wormhole that she came to our timeline and our planet's present time, but after the timeline was reset, Windfire appeared as a diner waitress in the 1940's, where she met John Martin for the first time.

Was it coincidence, or simply Jill placing herself in the right time and place to meet Martin? Jill had already begun her crime fighting career in secret as Windfire. While World War II raged, Jill fought Nazi spies in the US, stopped bank robberies, and the like, while Martin continued to serve in the Navy.

The two began dating, and, when World War II ended, Jill would marry John Martin and have two sons.

It was believed that the timeline resetting had wiped out Jill's world from existence, but shocking evidence has now been found to contradict that previous assertion. Now we know the amazing origin of Windfire!


In the outer reaches of space a ship known as the Soaring Eagle roamed the stars researching and exploring creation for the advancement of Elohi-2 science. The captain of this ship is Ellis Cainan, his crew members numbered approximately one thousand and included his daughter Jill Cainan. Her codename name was, not surprisingly, Windfire. It was tradition for Elohi-2's space recruits to be given codenames, like Lone Wolf, Running Deer, and so forth.

One day, after having been on their long mission into space for three earth years, it was planned to approach closely to a newly discovered wormhole for study. The idea was to hopefully obtain data that could lead to using wormholes to catapult ships like the Soaring Eagle beyond the confines of their galaxy.

Unfortunately, as luck would have it, the Soaring Eagle came too close, was pulled into the wormhole and shot out the other side. Luckily, the ship suffered no damage and amazingly appeared within sight of the planet Earth.

Here is what we speculate may have occurred onboard the space ship that day.

On the bridge, the captain examined the view screen in amazement and said to his chief scientist and friend, Mark Adams, "Do you see that my friend? It is the planet Earth."

Adams replied, "Yes, this is indeed a great scientific discovery, perhaps, the greatest in our history."

Captain Cainan replied, "Yes, as scientists, do we dare believe it is as the Great Scrolls have written?"

"I am a scientist not, an elder. I only deal in matters that I can see, taste, and measure. That being said, I have no reason to doubt the Great Scrolls. I simply am no expert in these matters. Perhaps, we should call on Elder Hawk; he is a scientist as well as expert on the Great Scrolls."

The Captain replied, "Make it so Adams, and have my daughter sent up as well. I want Windfire to see this."

Elder Hawk, although his age was not physically apparent, was thought to be at least a thousand years old.

The Captain motioned Hawk onto the bridge, "Welcome Elder Hawk. I wanted to get your view on that," he said as he pointed toward the view screen where the planet Earth was slowly getting larger as the ship approached.

The elder stared for what seemed forever, and then said in a worried tone, "We have to turn around!"

Mark Adams responded, "Are you feeling well Elder Hawk?"

Hawk replied, "We have to go back where we came from!"

The Captain responded, "Go back where Elder Hawk? The wormhole we came through has disappeared. Like it or not, we are trapped in this galaxy. We might as well do what we came for and explore."

Hawk, with a look of great concern, "Captain, I'm afraid you don't understand. According the Great Scrolls this planet Earth is cursed!"

"Cursed?" asked the Captain.

"Have you not read the Scrolls?"

"Yes, but…there is so much to the scrolls, that is why we brought you to the bridge. You are our resident elder, after all," said the Captain.

"Down there are things we have never witnessed or known. Down there, Captain, are things like murder, theft, hate, anger, adultery, and all manner of violence and evil.

"Evil?" the captain asked as if he had never heard this term before.

"The Great Scrolls refer to it as 'sin'."

"Murder? I'm afraid I'm not familiar with this term, Elder. What is murder?" the scientist Adams enquired.

"It is death by the hands of another man!" Hawk exclaimed.

"No, that can't be," said the Captain. "Surely, you exaggerate, Elder. Surely no man would ever harm another man intentionally."

"I warn you captain, turn back while you still can. If we become tainted with the curse we may never go home to Elohi-2 again, for we would bring the curse back to Elohi-2, to our fellow man, and along with it, all manner of evil."

"Thanks, for your…uh…words of wisdom, Elder Hawk, but that will be all for now," said the captain.

Adams just shook his head in disbelief and asked, "Captain, surely, you don't think that Elder speaks the truth."

"Of course, he speaks the truth, but perhaps he has just misinterpreted the Great Scrolls."

At that moment, the captain's daughter, Jill Cainan, came aboard the bridge. She appeared to be about twenty earth years old, very thin, healthy, and athletic looking. She had practiced many years on the Elohi-2 skill of acrobatic dancing called, Ehomu.

"Daddy, I heard the news! I can't believe it; we've discovered Earth. Do you think we'll find people?"

"Dear, I have no idea of what we'll find, but I'm excited to find out," said the captain.

The ship, Soaring Eagle, came ever closer to the mysterious planet Earth. The ship began to shake as it entered the atmosphere and was being pulled into it by its gravity.

The ship's captain, Ellis Cainan, shouted orders, "Reverse thrusters now! We do not want to crash into the planet." But it was too late; the ship was being pulled ever faster into the planet's surface.

"No! I only wanted to go into a close orbit! All power to thrusters!" the captain ordered.

At this time, Elder Hawk ran back onto the bridge shouting, "Captain it is too late, the curse is upon us now. We are now a part of the Earth's cursed ground!"

The Elder Hawk, then calming down, said "Pray with me Captain, it is our only hope."

They did, and miraculously the ship began to slow its descent, but it was too late to avoid a crash. The captain watched helplessly through the view screen as the ship plunged through the trees carving a huge path like a giant battleship plowing through land like a bulldozer.

Hours went by before the crew of the starship gathered themselves and received the order from the Captain to abandon the ship.

The captain had never seen a crash before. In fact he had never really heard of such a thing. The captain, Adams, Jill, and Elder Hawk stood outside analyzing their situation, while the massive army of the starship crew started piling out.

A lower ranked crewman hailed the captain, "Captain, Captain!"

"What is it?"

"We have reports that a hundred crewmen have stopped moving. They appear broken and bleeding."

Elder Hawk responded ominously, "It is death! We all have it now."

The Captain grabbed the doctor by his shirt and shouted hysterically, "What do you mean, we all have it now? I want answers and I want them now. Do you hear me, Elder Hawk?"

"Look at yourself Captain. Do you feel it? The curse of rage is now upon you. Tell me have you ever felt this feeling before?"

The captain stepped back, "No, I haven't. What is wrong with me?"

"Welcome to Earth, Captain. This is just the beginning of sorrows for our people."

And it was. It is now believed that the people of Elohi-2 landed on Earth in North America, only a couple of hundred years after the Great Flood that is recorded in Genesis and before a living soul had ever stepped foot in that part of the world.

Ellis Cainan's people would populate the continent, splintering off into various tribes. Elder Hawk warned the captain that the longer their people were there, the shorter their lifespan would become in subsequent generations, but they would probably all see death no later than nine hundred years from the time of their crash.

The ship's communications were all destroyed, and sending a signal out would require intercepting a wormhole to get back to Elohi-2, but against the Elder's advice the captain had teams working on sending out a signal for help.

It was a few weeks later, under the captain's orders, that they were able to create some cryogenic chambers for the captain's daughter, Jill, aka Windfire, and for twenty other members of the crew to stay in for a few thousand years. It was hoped by then that help would arrive, or perhaps the curse would be lifted from the Earth, as the Elder Hawk explained would happen once the Great Spirit's son came to rule over this planet and remove its terrible curse once and for all.

The year is 1800, Windfire, awakened in her hidden chamber inside a mountain cave. To her dismay, all of the other sleepers were skeletons, save one, who simply was not there.

And those are the events that led up to Jill Martin's arrival on Earth in this timeline, but I left out one important fact. It was the wormhole created by the Philadelphia Experiment that somehow made its way through space and time to where the spaceship the Soaring Eagle happened to be that day. It was that same wormhole that moved the USS Eldridge across space and time, where John Martin served in 1943. It was Jill's future husband, John Martin, who, in this timeline, turned off the switch prematurely, sending the Eldridge back to its resting place in Philadelphia, and catapulted the wormhole off into space where it met the Soaring Eagle.

Amazing, how in all the vastness of the universe, one point in time would intersect with another, billions of light years away, making it possible for John Martin, the Time-Rider, to meet and marry the love of his life. The odds are better that you would be hit by lightning and win the lottery twenty times a day for twenty years straight, but it still happened, just the same.

I am Max, and I record history in order to preserve it, literally.

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Posted:  19 Feb 2013 01:22
Cool (and complex)!

Interesting connection to USS Eldridge wormhole. Guess Jill and John were meant to be.
Posted:  19 Feb 2013 02:53
so did fate bring the two together then?

Interesting insight into how Windfire is now in the current timeline.
Posted:  19 Feb 2013 15:25
Cool (and complex)!

I hope it wasn't too complicated to the point it wasn't fun to read. After I read a while back a summery of what CS Lewis did with a space trilogy, I decided I wanted to incorporate his idea of Earth being this cursed planet of sin shunned by aliens into Windfire's story. Of course a little bit of time travel added in always makes things more complicated too.

so did fate bring the two together then?
I think maybe more like providence, depends on how you define, fate I guess.

I may use this story in a later book. A couple of things occurred to me I wish I had put in the story, that I didn't think of before.

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