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Posted:  09 Mar 2013 20:57
Going to Oz this afternoon. Anyone else seeing it this weekend?

Tin and Professor Crow
Posted:  10 Mar 2013 00:40
I'm not sure. My wife wants to see it. The only thing really stopping me is lack of time this weekend. Maybe next weekend.
Posted:  10 Mar 2013 20:49
I think we are going to take the kids on Monday during the early showing. The girls want to see it.
Posted:  11 Mar 2013 00:01
Movie was quite enjoyable. They did a good job/homage to the 1939 Wizard of Oz. As you can imagine the FX were good. I bet the 3D was good, but taking 5 people I only could afford the 2D version.

Also liked the Iron Man 3 trailer!
Posted:  12 Mar 2013 04:14
we saw it today too. We only saw 2D for the same reason. If its just me and my wife we'll see a 3D but the kids could care less either way and its cheaper not too.

Overall we liked the movie. I think Mila Kunis' role could have been cast better though. She was okay at the beginning but in the end she doesn't didn't fit that role if you catch my meaning so I don't spoil anything.

The Iron Man 3 trailer was definitely awesome! Can't wait for that one. The kids also like the Monster University trailer.

Lone Ranger trailer looked better than expected but I still don't like Depp in the Tonto role, reminds me too much of Jack Sparrow still just in a different outfit. But other than that it seemed interesting. Probably wait till its out on DVD and rent it though.

Anyway back on topic I'd recommend Oz the Great and Powerful to anyone who enjoyed the Wizard of Oz. I loved the evil flying monkeys in this one though my little one was a bit scared of them. Hopefully she still sleeps tonight
Posted:  12 Mar 2013 14:57
I loved the evil flying monkeys in this one though my little one was a bit scared of them. Hopefully she still sleeps tonight

I hate to admit this, but when I was like four years old the wicked witch from the Wizard of Oz scared the crap out of me.

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