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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community Untold Tales from the Darkness, Vol.13: Battle in New York 
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Untold Tales from the Darkness, Vol.13: Battle in New York
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Posted:  25 Apr 2013 02:36

Note: Occurs just prior to…

The message went out to the four corners of the Earth asking those heroes available to converge in New York City. The UN had requested a special session meeting to discuss the recent alarming activities of Blackhorn and the Triumvirate. Claims of transforming the Earth into a replica of his home planet of Throneworld raised concern among many; but not all. Despite his bold boasts, some brought up the fact that Blackhorn had been defeated countless times in the past. The deaths of Jackrabbit and Bronze Scarab gave pause, but many representatives felt this might have simply been “luck” on his part and he was still just an upper-level threat but not a planet killer.

SDL Prime

Egypt is coming up negative TR. I was hoping we could find that meteorite that Blackhorn is after. If we had that it’d give us allot of leverage- says Captain Midnight.

Time-Rider replies- Yes, disappointing but we can’t give up yet. Sphynx is still on the search, so let’s just table this for the time being. Our friends should all be heading to the UN by now. Don’t want to keep them waiting….

Two hours later:

Barely 20 seconds into his speech to the assembly, Time-Rider is interrupted by a massive array of alarms and flashing lights. A UN security representative rushes to the stage and frantically speaks into Time-Rider’s ear with cupped hands.

Soon, Time-Rider speaks into his wrist communicator- Blackhorn is in town gents and causing a commotion in mid-town Manhattan.  Vortex, take captain Freedom with you and teleport there ahead of the rest. Scope out a mustering spot. Make it a high vantage point. Everyone else head to Manhattan by every means possible and group per Captain Freedom’s upcoming coordinates. Let’s move it people!

Six minutes later:

A colorful mass of metas and costumes heroes, the likes the world has seldom seen, finds itself on a rooftop. Below them are several smoldering cars and one compromised fire hydrant. Aside from Blackhorn, several villains and hired thugs such as Prime Concern, White Rhino, Rad, Manslaughter, Mr. Master, Fade, Talon, Log Chain, and Icebreaker are identifiable amongst the carnage. They are supplemented by a horde of Darkforce creatures moving at erratic speeds. It’s an utter scene of chaos as the few remaining humans attempt to flee the area.


What’s the plan Time-Rider?- asks Mr. Victory.

We have to act fast- replies Time-Rider to everyone in the group- To simplify things, please form up with your affiliated group or those you know best. Captain Freedom, any quick words of wisdom?

Captain Freedom raises his shield and shouts- This group is too big to coordinate on the fly. Do what you do best. Hit him hard and quick. I’ll comm in strategy as it presents itself. Head out!

In seconds the mass of  heroes take off in a dizzying display or superpowers.

While contacts are engaged everywhere, Mr. Victory is carried by Seven and directly dropped directly in the path of Blackhorn.

Blackhorn turns slowly as if the event is unfolding to his liking.

You! Today is not your day!- bellows Blackhorn as he quickly fires an energy blast from his horn.

Caught off-guard, Mr. Victory is sent reeling and lands in a building across the street. He lets out a groan upon final impact, but is immediately back on his feet amongst the debris.

Blackhorn smiles with satisfaction and closes his eyes. Clearly in deep concentration, an impressive crackling of energy begins to glow around his horn.

Into everyone’s earpiece comes Captain Freedom’s voice- He’s powering up and it doesn’t look good. Heavy hitters, converge on Blackhorn now!

Captain Freedom’s words are barely complete when three rapid energy blasts disintegrate the base of the building where he and several heroes are viewing the battle. The building sways and within seconds begins to crumble. Captain Mysterious notes the predicament and conjures a massive magical hand that swoops up those heroes who had remained on the rooftop.

Per Captain Freedom’s command; Phantom Marvel, Johnny Rebel, Mr. Victory, and Atomic Son meet at the same spot just after the energy discharge display. Through the rubble and dust  they spot their prey.


Blackhorn turns to the meta-titans and grins through the haze. He says- Too late humans. The battle is over, but the war begins in earnest.

Johnny Rebel throws a thunderous haymaker at the Lord of the Darkforce Dimension hoping to take him out with one punch, but comes up with nothing but air. Blackhorn and his group are suddenly gone.

After a quick perimeter sweep, the heroes group in the center of the battle damaged street intersection. Stunned looks grace the faces of many. The crowd’s murmur gives way to Captain Midnight as he raises his fist.

He peers into the eyes of seemingly everyone, and then says- We’ll figure out what just happened here, but without a doubt the world has their answer. Blackhorn has powered-up and is a legitimate threat. No more guessing, this is the real deal. The SDL Presidents will head back to the UN for a briefing. Everyone else head home and wait further information.

The collective heroes peer back-and-forth amongst themselves in silence. Eventually one flies away and the rest soon disperse; each with their own doubts and concerns.

The battle to stop the Darkness from transforming the Earth is now priority #1 for the Superhuman Defense League.
Posted:  25 Apr 2013 14:51
great story Jerod, nice to see the heroes go from not worrying about Blackhorn to seeing him as a viable threat to humanity.
Posted:  25 Apr 2013 15:27
Awesome story and I love the pics!
Posted:  26 Apr 2013 03:15   Last Edited By: Rick Jones
Great action, and I especially liked the last pic.

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