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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community What did you think of Iron Man 3? 
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What did you think of Iron Man 3?
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Posted:  04 May 2013 19:44
I haven't decided when I'm going to see Iron Man 3 yet, but I wanted to know what you all thought. I spent all my money this week on comics.


What did you think of Iron Man 3?
Posted:  04 May 2013 22:29
I saw it yesterday. I enjoyed it. I thought it was better than the 2nd one. Stay to the end of the credits of a little extra.
Posted:  04 May 2013 23:36
I will hopefully see the Movie soon. but here's a little SPOILER ALERT for you, YOU READY?
Mark Ruffalo's Bruce Banner appears in the after credits. that's what I read some where....
Posted:  06 May 2013 17:23
Did I mention he visits East TN?
Posted:  06 May 2013 17:31
I can't believe he came to East Tn, and nobody told me. I could have been an extra.
Posted:  06 May 2013 23:38
Haven't seen it yet however my brother-in-law has and the Chattanooga, TN depicted is not the one where I have family. They say anyone from Chattanooga will definitely know they filmed somewhere else. Sorry to dash you dreams Tim.
Posted:  07 May 2013 00:38
Bummer! Chattanooga is a good hour or two away anyway.
Posted:  20 May 2013 13:25
Saw Iron Man 3 yesterday. If you haven't seen it and don't like any kind of spoilers then don't read this.

For everybody that has seen the movie how in the world did the bad guys disable Iron Patriot so easy by just grabbing his arm?!!!!!! That puzzled me to no end.

Plus how did the bad guys so easily destroy Iron Man's armor in the fight scenes. It only took them a split second sometimes to rip into the armor like it was tin foil. He's went up against Thor in his armor in Avengers. He better not ever go up against movie Hulk for very long or he's had it.

I read the after credits, didn't see TN mentioned only North Carolina, so it looks like they must have filmed Tennessee scenes in North Carolina. Makes me wonder why they didn't just say he was in North Carolina. The town where the boy lived in looked like Crossville especially considering it was snowing and that's the only place around here that might get snow around Christmas because it's on a higher altitude. Of course, I think when Iron Man lands he's farther west than that and heads east if I understood the movie correctly. I think they do get more snow that way than we do in the east.

Loved the humor.

Best line ever when Stark sees this kid with glasses and says something to the effect, "Loved you in A Christmas Story

The back and forth between Stark and the boy that helps him in TN was great. When they show all the stuff Stark gives the kid at the end and I saw that 1960's Mustang in the background, I almost cried. Why couldn't I ran into a billionaire genius when I was a kid?

Definitely, a great adventure movie, but after seeing it, it didn't quite seem like a superhero movie. It definitely wasn't boring, but the only thing that aggravates me or at least makes me puzzled was the ease in which the bad guys took on Iron Man.

The Mandarin twist was funny. It didn't bother me like I know it's bothered some. I guess that's because I'm not really that familiar with that particular character.

Nice happy ending too!
Posted:  21 May 2013 13:30
... so it looks like they must have filmed Tennessee scenes in North Carolina. Makes me wonder why they didn't just say he was in North Carolina.
I stayed through the credits and noted the same thing and thought exactly what you did.

I was far from disappointed, but the movie was allot different than what I expected. I understand it though as they were trying to show Tony is Iron Man, not the suit. Really curious as to the end; seems like he'd done but I'm sure that won't happen. All-in-all a pretty good movie.

Now for Star Trek this weekend..........

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