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Discuss Time-Rider Issue 2 volume II The Hex Factor!
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Posted:  08 May 2013 21:46   Last Edited By: Tim
Been a long time since I did a comic, much less continued the Time-Rider series, but finally I got one done. Check it out
Time-Rider Issue 2 Volume 2 The Hex Factor

I've been wanting to do one like this forever. It's just for fun and it basically puts Time-Rider into the DC universe. Guys like him that time travel all the time and frequently run into parallel universes can basically show up anywhere.

I tried to make sort of a duel trip into time as most of this issue was basically morphed from an old Justice League comic from the 80's and a bit of the Hex series. I've never seen an official explanation of how Jonah Hex ever made it out of that post apocalyptic future he was in during the Hex series. So I figured I might as well explain it.

Let me know what you all think, if you all like it real good I'll try to do another one. I always wanted to do an story where Time-Rider meets Kamandi. Just have to get the right pics together.

Read it now!
Posted:  09 May 2013 07:34
Personally, I would like to see stories that may be able to see print, but quite a few of the comics you've done couldn't (mainly due to covers you've altered to make into your own).  But this was fun.  The new text and images can be a little jarring, not having been washed out to fit with the rest of the comic, but such is as it is.  I will say that the two comics themselves blended well and I hadn't really realized when you'd jumped to a different one.

But speaking of Time-Rider, he's currently in my comic (though unconcious), along with Captain Midnight and Luminary.  That chest logo of his is freaking hard to draw and it would be nice to know a more simplified version that works.  But if simplicity were the biggest factor for me, I would not have put Captain Midnight in that outfit, as I know he has simpler ones (I really wish I knew which was his current look, and which is current for Luminary).  The belt is also a bit difficult, but I wonder if I can't just color it black and call it a day.  Time-Rider certainly does have a lot of black on him, that's for sure.  He and Captain Midnight make the other characters in the comic look very colorful.

But if you want to know a good place to go to get old comics you can use for free, check out the Digital Comic Museum, which has public domain comics for download.  There are some great characters ripe for using in those comics, like the "Shazam" Captain Marvel, Bulletman, the original Blue Beetle, and such.  There are some fun stories there, anyways.
All the bad things in life only help you appreciate the good even more.
Posted:  09 May 2013 13:03
Thanks for the link, I may be able to use those old comics.

I just did this one for fun. The old comics are the best for me, and I figured it would be cool to have Time-Rider be a part of one like comic book time travel.

For Time-Rider's belt, I'd just color it black, or whatever is easiest and for the logo, just do a circle with a V in the middle. Most of the black on Time-Rider is shading. It could look totally blue to dark blue as well without all the blackness.
Posted:  09 May 2013 13:29
I checked out your Time-Rider pages, and the belt looked fine to me.
Posted:  10 May 2013 03:42
I enjoyed the Time Rider comic and as for Shastab's comic you have Luminary's current look. Captain Midnight has a few different versions. The one you used was for a miniseries and Bonofett came up with the design of that one. Its one of my favorites. Here's his current uniform though, it might be a bit simpler to draw? Frank Reis did the artwork of Cap with Deuce but the design is based off one of Midnight's earlier costumes and the one he wears most often in my mind.

Posted:  10 May 2013 04:49
Really cool Tim! Neat seeing sequential modified pages. Did a nice job of inserting TR in the Green Lantern role.

While Shastab24 has a point that the text and images don't always blend perfectly, it's not like you're doing this for a profession. I like the originality of the project and can easily overlook discrepancies in art. I know how hard it is to do a single panel/cover so I'm impressed with multiple pages.

Great work and I hope to see another.
Posted:  10 May 2013 05:31
Eh, I think I like the mask better from the look I'm going with.  But if it were about ease of use, there are some very simple designs I've seen for him.  He's gone through a lot of costume changes, hasn't he?

Luminary does look better to me in her current look, which is of course why I chose that one.  It is interesting, however, that her current look looks nothing like her first.

But I can come up with an easy explanation for the costumes of different eras: the time anomaly altered them a little physically.  For Captain Midnight, it's his costume and for the Swimmer it's her hair (notice, she doesn't have bangs anymore--I got tired of it looking like she had a mullet).  This can also explain Time-Rider's predicament, as it made it so the space suit he had on ran down to much less air (it ran down the Swimmer's air, too, but not as much).  I'll say it affected the Runner and Luminary, too, but not in noticable ways (ageing or de-ageing a day or so, probably).

With Time-Rider's belt, I'll just start coloring it black.  The excess work of putting in the brown belt-bits may be too difficult.  But I may keep his logo as I did it before, for consistency in that regard, at least.  I may come up with an excuse to start drawing Captain Midnight's costume more like his current one.  I want to keep the old mask, but getting him more in line with the above picture would actually be pretty good.
All the bad things in life only help you appreciate the good even more.
Posted:  13 May 2013 22:00
Very cool. Enjoyed all the conversions from Green Lantern to Time-Rider.
Posted:  13 May 2013 22:04
Thanks Rick! It was fun doing it.
Posted:  14 May 2013 13:40
Did a nice job of inserting TR in the Green Lantern role.

Glad you liked it Jerod!

He's gone through a lot of costume changes, hasn't he?

Time-Rider or Captain Midnight? Cause I have to say Time-Rider has had a few changes here and there and back again. I'm always experimenting. I guess all character costumes change for the most part.

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