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Chattanooga Angry at Iron Man
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Posted:  12 May 2013 21:08
According this article at yahoo the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce of good old Chattanooga, Tennessee which is just a hour or down the road for me is angry with Iron Man.

They are mad because Stark is portrayed having a bad internet connection in Chattanooga.

Chattanooga wants the world to know you can get a blazing fast connection for your computer in their fair city.
The hubbub is over a scene in "Iron Man 3" where Tony Stark is stranded in Chattanooga and needs to get online to do some maintenance, only to find the city's Internet service is frustratingly slow. However, the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce have taken exception to this, and sent out a press release declaring the city's Internet speed is second to none, and they have the specs to prove it.
"If Iron Man had visited the real Chattanooga, he would have been saving the world with the help of the first American city to offer gig-a-second Internet speeds (1,000 megabits per second), which Chattanooga has made available to every home and business across a 600 square mile service area since 2010," the statement read.
After singing the praises of Chattanooga's fiber optic data network, the statement goes on to read, "Geeks and techies are flocking to Chattanooga to experiment with the city’s 'Living Lab.' This summer, entrepreneurs and startups from across the globe are vying for five spots in the city’s accelerator challenge GIGTANK, the only world’s accelerator program that focuses on the utilization of a living fiber network."

I don't know, my first thought is don't have a cow, man. It's just a movie. I think I'd be more upset about whether or not Iron Man was actually in Chattanooga. Hopefully, this will not be the start of the next Civil War, but who knows. You dang yankees don't dare say we have slow internet, or it's on!

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Posted:  12 May 2013 21:30
Tony Stark is probably use to 10 times the speed in Stark Industry internal network. I doubt any Bell employees have any Battle Suits (that I know of)
Posted:  13 May 2013 13:54
Good point Wayne, Stark probably is used to very fast internet connections that only a billionaire superhero could afford or maintain.

I think the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce just complained for free publicity for Chattanooga.

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