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Untold Tales from the Darkness, Vol.14
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Posted:  01 Jun 2013 23:58   Last Edited By: jerod26

...Blackhorn looked like he was ready to finish them off. He was through toying with them. He raised his hand and aimed it in the direction of American Banner, who braced defensively for the worst.

There is a sudden blast of air, and an accompanying cloud of dust, as a futuristic looking vehicle appears out of nowhere.

American Banner pauses, with his gaze shifting to a newcomer who had just stepped into the line of sight. He wore no mask, and aside from a fancy jumpsuit, he did not bare the look of a superhero. Over his broad shoulders rose the hilt of a mysterious black sword. The stranger's eyes were locked on Blackhorn. American Banner didn’t recognize him.


Deadlaw had recovered now and was ready to jump back into the fight, but American Banner signaled him down. More Darkforce creatures were approaching from the rear, forcing the two heroes to turn their attention away from both the stranger and Blackhorn.

“So we meet again...Night Fox,” Blackhorn said, without taking his eyes off the swordsman.

Falcon breathed a heavy sigh of relief when a force field appeared between him and the demon who was about to slice at him with a Darkforce blade. The Scarlet Sorcerer's magic had saved him. Blackhorn's forces seemed to be severely worn down, but then again, so were theirs. Most of Groups 1 and 2 had already retreated, or had been defeated or wounded. Luckily there had been no causalities--so far. Falcon glanced to the side and saw that Shadow Blade and Luminary were still fighting the last two Darkforce giants.

                              http://superherouniverse.com/art/data/923/thumbs/FALCON3.jpg  http://superherouniverse.com/art/data/923/thumbs/SHADOWBLADE.jpg  http://superherouniverse.com/art/data/923/thumbs/SCARLETSORCERER.jpg  http://superherouniverse.com/art/data/923/thumbs/LUMINARY3.jpg  http://superherouniverse.com/art/data/923/thumbs/DEADLAW8.jpg

Perhaps part of the reason they hadn't had to pull out yet was because they had managed to stay close to Luminary, who was surrounded in an aura of luminescence. As light is the key in driving away darkness, it made sense for her powers to be the perfect weapon to utilize against the Darkforce creatures.

A demon hurtled into Falcon, and the superhero fell on his shoulder, causing him to let out a grunt of pain. With his free hand he tossed the creature aside, which was quickly dispatched by Shadow Blade. Due to his injury, Falcon knew he wouldn't be of much use to the team anymore, but was reluctant to leave. Shadow Blade urged him to go while he still could. He eventually conceded and took Scarlet Sorcerer with him as Shadow Blade and Luminary went to join American Banner and Deadlaw at the heart of the battle. 

American Banner, and Deadlaw were fighting the last horde of Darkforce creatures that seemed to be there for the purpose of keeping them from interfering with the showdown between Night Fox and Blackhorn. They wanted to give the swordsman a helping hand, but they were having a hard enough time as it was. Soon Shadow Blade and Luminary were fighting at their side as well, and they were told that they were on the only heroes left. Retreat seemed to be imminent. 

“You've been away for quite some time,” Blackhorn said.
Night Fox paid no attention to his pointless observations. “I've stopped you before; I'll stop you again.”
“You only stopped me in the past because I was limited with Darkforce energy. Now I am more powerful than I ever was! Darkforce will scar more than your face this time”

“I don't care. I'll find a way to beat you.”

“No, you won't. You were dead the moment you came into my sight, swordsman. You never should have come here.”

“Enough talk. Fight me if you're going to,” Night Fox said, drawing his sword. 

Night Fox's sword came down on Blackhorn in a vertical slash. A thick layer of Darkforce energy materialized in Blackhorn's hand, forming a shield, which knocked Night Fox's arms up high, leaving the swordsman exposed. With his free hand, Blackhorn fired a blast of Darkforce energy directed at Night Fox's chest.

The swordsman twisted his body at a sharp angle, barely eluding the Darkforce. Blackhorn snarled angrily, and lunged at his foe, preparing to use brute force to slay the swordsman. Night Fox positioned his swords with the intent of gutting the villain.
Blackhorn was no fool; he had felt the sting of Night Fox's blade before. The ebony sword was unlike few other swords he had ever gone up against. It were certainly strong enough to cut through his skin, as tough as it was. He held up his Darkforce shield in front of him and prepared to demolish the swordsman by running right into him. He was certain that he was close enough so that Night Fox could not simply jump out of the way.

Brotherhood of the Fox fighting experience, honed over decades, had taught Night Fox to anticipate certain attacks and maneuvers. He had been watching Blackhorn's movements and had suspected that he would try something like this. He received a glancing blow across the shoulder as he took a sidelong leap, and landed nimbly on his feet.

Before Blackhorn could turn, Night Fox had executed a flying kick, connecting with the middle of his back. The force of the blow could not hurt the Lord of the Darkforce Dimension, but it was enough to knock him off balance. Night Fox slices Blackhorn's chest.

Blackhorn roared in anger, and hurled himself at the swordsman. His hulking body crashed into Night Fox's, and the swordsman's agility was what prevented him from being crushed. He lost grip on his weapon. Night Fox knew that wrestling with Blackhorn would result in his untimely demise. He had to break away from Blackhorn but his strength was too great.

Applying the proper leverage, Night Fox was able to shift his weight, and throw down Blackhorn. He made a dive for his sword, but before he could pick it up a small dome of black energy materialized over them.

Blackhorn laughed. “You are nothing without your sword! Yield, and your death shall be quick and merciful!”
Instead of yelling back some witty comment as some superheroes do, Night Fox chose action over words. He lunged at Blackhorn and executed a perfectly aimed blow to the solar plexus, which would have knocked almost anyone else breathless. But Blackhorn wasn't like anyone else.
He grinned in amusement. “I expected as much. As proficient as you may be in hand to hand combat, you lack the strength to hurt me.” The swordsman knew it was true. He knew all the pressure points to take down an adversary, but none would work on Blackhorn because of his tough leathery skin and his inhuman resilience.

Blackhorn walloped him. Night Fox managed to roll with the blow, but the force behind it nearly broke his jaw. He fell backwards, but refused to stay down as he rushed right back into the fight.

American Banner had been watching it all through the corner of his eye. “Deadlaw!” he yelled, “Night Fox needs help!”
“What about you?” asked Deadlaw, as he kicked down another Darkforce creature.
“I'll be fine! I'll hold them off as long as I can! Just hurry up!”
Deadlaw tore away from the Darkforce creatures long enough to make a leap for Blackhorn. The villain saw it coming and tried to block, but Deadlaw ducked, and countered with a strong uppercut, which laid Blackhorn out. No longer able to maintain concentration, the Darkforce energy surrounding Night Fox's swords faded.

American Banner was struggling, as he took a hit to the gut. He faltered, but remained on his feet, despite the pain. He told himself he had to hold on. Deadlaw was about assist him, but the Lord of the Darkforce Dimension was none too be pleased about being knocked down. More Darkforce energy was discharged at Deadlaw and the superhero crumbled to the ground, unable to stand. Without Deadlaw's assistance, American Banner was getting pushed back by a wave of attackers. Luminary's aura of light blinded them momentarily, giving American Banner the chance he needed to catch his breath. 

Night Fox retrieved his black sword and wasted no time as he struck Blackhorn across his shoulders. The villain reeled, and lashed out at the swordsman in a rage. The swordsman ducked, dodged, and blocked all of Blackhorn's attacks, and continued to slash mercilessly through Blackhorn's tough skin, slowly wearing him down. Each time the villain prepared to launch another blast of Darkforce energy, the swordsman hit him again, refusing to give him a chance to fight back.

Bleeding, wounded, and exhausted, Blackhorn fell to his knees. A feeling of confidence welled up within the heroes. Blackhorn was clearly losing, and it would only be a matter of time before Night Fox would be able to put an end to his vile existence.

To everyone's surprise, Blackhorn looked at Night Fox and grinned. He then let out a monstrous roar, and the heroes watched as the essence of the Darkforce creatures was yanked from their bodies and pulled into Blackhorn's mouth. He had absorbed them all into his own body, renewing his strength. 
“I had been saving that trick for the more powerful heroes. But you have forced my hand, swordsman. It is time for this farce to end,” said Blackhorn and reached forward and whacked Night Fox with one swing of his fist.

The swordsman went flying as he hit the ground with a crash. He knew that Blackhorn had become too powerful. The amount of Darkforce energy within him was remarkable at the least.

Night Fox lay breathless on the ground. Never could he have imagined that one person such strength.

“Are you alright mister?” Luminary asked, helping him to his feet.

“I will be fine,” Night Fox said, wincing as he stood.

“You gave it your all son” said American Banner.

“I’m not done yet stars-n-stripes” says Night Fox with a deep breath as he disappears from sight.


Blackhorn suddenly finds himself in the grasp of Both Superion and Phantom Marvel. Johnny Rebel faces the Dark Lord and begins pummeling him in the chest and stomach.

Blackhorn winces a bit, but seems to be taking well the punches that could level a small mountain. Blackhorn grins.

“This ain’t working fellers” says Johnny Rebel.

“Try again Johnny, we can’t hold him much longer” says Superion.

As the words barely exit his mouth, a sudden jerk frees Blackhorn from the heroes grasps. Three rapid blasts of Darkforce Energy send Superion, Johnny Rebel, and Phantom Marvel reeling. Blackhorn looks towards American Banner and Luminary. He says “Where is the Night...”

The words end as his head slips from his neck.

At visually the same moment, Night Fox materializes behind him.

In an instance the battle field is silent as a cemetery. Night Fox looks slowly around the scene and is met with a plethora of mouths agape in shock. Without a word he walks back towards his ship.

American Banner limps his direction and stops him just before he reaches the craft.

Extending his hand, he says “Night Fox, I’m not sure who you are or where you come from, but Earth owes you much.”

Night Fox looks down at the extended hand. After a deep sigh he extends his and gives American Banner a firm handshake. He looks deep into the eyes of the patriotic hero but does not say a word. Within seconds he seated behind the controls of his ship. As American Banners steps away, the craft rises slowly from the ground. After reaching a height of about 20 feet, the ship hurls skyward in a rapid burst of speed, leaving only a cloud of dust and sand behind him.


Well done Night Fox...well done- says Mysterion.

This has been and Untold Tales From the Darkness: Earth-102


Hopefully this story is familiar to you. The bulk of it is text by writer extraordinaire Rick Jones from the original conclusion of the Darkness. I tweaked it to bring Night Fox to a world without Brennon. 
Posted:  02 Jun 2013 08:35
This is really cool! I love how you substituted American Banner and Night Fox for Captain Freedom and Brennon.

You know I was actually about six or seven paragraphs into it until I realized that most of it was an altered version of the original fight (that I wrote!).

That was neat how Night Fox killed Blackhorn. I can just imagine the gasps heard from all around.
Posted:  02 Jun 2013 13:00   Last Edited By: jerod26
You know I was actually about six or seven paragraphs into it until I realized that most of it was an altered version of the original fight (that I wrote!).

It has been a few years; but that's still funny how you didn't recognize it. Glad you enjoy your own words from a new perspective.

Quite a different outcome. Makes me wonder if Brennon would have had invisibility.........
Posted:  02 Jun 2013 19:57

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