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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community Untold Tales from the Darkness, Vol.15: Titanium Man 
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Untold Tales from the Darkness, Vol.15: Titanium Man
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Posted:  17 Aug 2013 04:55   Last Edited By: jerod26

Earth date equivalent, 1961:

...your master will be most pleased if this works Professor Quint.

I serve to please you Lord Blackhorn. I would only bring this information to you if I felt it a worthy. Earth is within your grasp.

It has been far too long since I was on Earth! What a joy it will be to return more powerful than before and take the Terran backworld for my own. I only wish Kael, Rothgar, and Brennon were still there  to see my triumphant return. Alas, their bones are but dust by this age. When can I go Professor Quint?

My liege, I can’t let you go quite yet...

What!? You dare to deny Earth to the Lord of the Darkforce Dimension!

Absolutely not my liege. It’s a safety issue. The path is wrought with danger.

Go on...

The wormhole transfer is a bit erratic. I need more testing to verify the transfer is absolute. I can’t risk losing you in the vastness of space.

Blackhorn frowns- It would seem your report then was a bit “premature”. I am not pleased Quint. How long…and think wisely before you answer.


I...I...at least 6 months master.

Blackhorn’s frown deepens as he says- You have 6 days to prove the transfer Quint, 6 days. My conquest of Earth has been delayed enough.

But my liege, I can’t rush this and put you at risk!

Blackhorn grins and says- You have one minute to tell me how you will revise your thinking and achieve the proper transfer protocol within 6 days.

Professor Quint’s eyes bulge and beads of sweat immediately pool on his forehead. He begins to pace as he wracks his brain for a totally new concept with which to appease Blackhorn’s accelerated  timeline. Knowing death is his alternative, his thoughts get desperate. With seconds to spare he says- Reverse transfer!

Go on professor…

My original plan was to send inanimate objects first followed by slave minions once parameters were set.


Instead of initiating the transfer from Throneworld, I will look the Earth first. Within 2 days I’m sure I can establish a baseline path to Earth. Instead of progressive transfer tests, I will simply pull a Terran from Earth to Throneworld. It will be a faster way to prove the ability to transport living beings.

Excellent Professor Quint! I knew you would see it my way. Proceed immediately. I want a live Earther kneeling before me by the end of day 6!

Yes my liege, yes!


7 days later:

...Lord Blackhorn, the Earther is subdued- says the guard.

Blackhorn touches the welt under his eye and says- I hope for you sake you’re right. Bring him in.

The large ebony double-doors open. A shackled figure in crimson red stumbles in. His hair is disheveled, his clothes and cape ripped, and he sports two black eyes. His stance straightens as he approaches the seated emperor.

He says- Ready for round two Blackie?

Blackhorn grins and replies- Brave words "Titanium Man". It would appear my Onyx Argonauts were not wholly successful in “educating” you as to the circumstance you find yourself.

I can barely see through my swollen eyes, but I can see enough to tell you got a shiner yourself. Had your goons not interfered, I would have knocked the crown off your head!

I’ll admit you briefly had the upper hand Terran…Casting an eye to Professor Quint he continues- We were caught off-guard by your “powers”. It would seem Earth still has a population of extraordinary individuals. While we may have chosen the test subject poorly, in the end you’ve provided proof that even if Earth has extraordinary individuals, they can be defeated.

Titanium Man strains against his bonds and shouts- Good luck with that! I nearly cleaned your clock and I’m not half the powerhouse that Fortress or Johnny Rebel is. Stick your toes on Earth and you’ll be put down in no time.

We’ll see Earther. If you are a reference point, I think there is little to fear.

Really?- replies Titanium Man as he comes within a few feet of the Lord of the Darkforce Dimension.

Yes...really- replies Blackhorn as he grabs his shackled wrist and lifts Titanium Man off the floor.

Don’t think so- says Titanium Man as unexpectedly snaps the chains that bind him. He lands on the floor and immediately begins pummeling Blackhorn.

Caught by surprise, Blackhorn collapses into a heap and sustains a multitude of hits. Regaining focus, he soon gains control of the action and flings Titanium Man against a nearby wall. Almost immediately Titanium Man disappears in a flash of energy just as Onyx Argonauts close in.

Blackhorn sends a steely glare towards Professor Quint. With a frightening bellow he shouts- What have you done man!

Ma...ma...master...I was afraid he had the upper hand. I needed to send him back before he could harm you more.

You think he posed a true threat to me! For all your intellect you are but a fool Quint. You have failed me for the last time.

With that an impressive energy bolt shoots from Blackhorn’s horn. A split second later Professor Quint is but a memory.



With Professor Quint dead, the wormhole transfer program is stymied for several years. Others take the lead in research, but none could match the proven techniques of Professor Quint.  Blackhorn would eventually reach Earth again, but it would be nearly 40 Earth years later (time progress different between the Darkforce Dimension and Earth) via an accident.
Posted:  17 Aug 2013 14:35
Love that image you made of Professor Quint.

With that an impressive energy bolt shoots from Blackhorn’s horn. A split second later Professor Quint is but a memory.

That's why bad guys never get anywhere. They have no patience with their henchmen and minions. I'd never work for a bad guy. They always end up killing people that work for them.

With Professor Quint dead, the wormhole transfer program is stymied for several years.
Posted:  17 Aug 2013 19:25
Blackhorn messed up by killing Quint it seems. Looks like Titanium Man gave Blackhorn some trouble though.

Cool story Jerod and great image KiroK.

I love how you find ways to tie things into the story like this.
Posted:  20 Aug 2013 03:28   Last Edited By: Rick Jones
Looks like Blackhorn's impatience cost him.

Good story, Jerod!
Posted:  29 Aug 2013 20:19
Thanks Jerod for bringing Titanium Man officially into the S.U. fold.

I loved T-Man's snappy dialogue and scrappy nature.

Top notch.

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