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Top 10 Worst Superhero Movie Costumes
Superhero Costumes
Posted:  05 Sep 2013 22:26   Last Edited By: Tim
Top 10 Worst Superhero Movie Costumes

This is a list by WatchMojo.com

10. Daredevil
9. Nite Owl II
6.Green Lantern
4.Captain America 90's version
2.Catwoman Halle Berry
1.Batman from Batman and Robin 1997

I agree with 3-1, but I think they were a little hard on the rest. I even like the 90's Cap costume. I know I'm crazy, but I like costumes that look like the comic book version, but they hated it because Cap's ears stuck out and he actually had the wings. That's what I liked about it. Oh well, everybody has their own idea of cool when it comes to superhero costumes.

What do you all think are the worst movie superhero costumes?

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Posted:  07 Sep 2013 06:10
I liked the Phantom costume.  One group it always works for is kids, who really can like that movie.  I like it, too, of course.

My top ten worst:
10. Batman (Batman and Robin) - the new ones (I don't know how many he wore) for the movie (Bat-nipples were actually the Forever costume), for being too shiny and gaudy.  Batman's about stealth, not sticking out so easily in the shadows.
9. X-Men - Here for their vast departure from the comics and their lack of practicality (you try moving while dressed in so much leather)
8. Ozymandias - While the film was actually pretty good with the other costumes, they took Ozymandias from a nice colorful figure to one so dark and grey to be unmemorable.  Really, his previous one made sure all the costumes stood out from one another, but the movie one is too much like Nite Owl's (which, granted, also suffered a loss of color, but at least the comic's was already monochrome)
7. Daredevil (Ben Affleck) - Leather impracticality again, but this time more pronounced, since movement is Daredevil's thing
6. Superman (Man of Steel) - Too little color and the lack of red shorts makes him look like he's wearing Superman pajamas (it's long-john Superman)
5. Daredevil (Trial of the Incredible Hulk) - It may look more ninja-like, but it's so drab, cheap and not striking that it makes him forgettable and not seen as any threat (and loses the "devil" iconography)
4. Punisher (Dolph Lundgren movie) - He looked nothing like the Punisher.  Granted, he wore black, but the lack of a skull made him a generic action hero.  The lack of a simple image made him what the rest of these characters actually aren't: interchangeable with any action hero, not even looking related to a superhero
3. Catwoman (Halle Berry) - I don't know what happened.  Is it even a costume if it's that revealing?  They sure it could even be classified as underwear?  It's stripper wear, plain and simple.
2. Green Lantern - Dang, I hated that CGI from the moment I saw the first trailer.  The movie didn't redeem it.
1. Steel - So, so laughable.  Almost on par with the Punisher costume, as one could easily consider him to not be Steel at all, but with the plus that he actually looks like a superhero.  It's the completely terrible look that makes it be considered the worst by me, though.

Of course, these are only Marvel and DC superheroes.  I could have mentioned Prey of the Jaguar or Robo Vampire if I wanted, plus likely some others.  But there need to be standards.  I also thought about the 1970s Captain America costume, but decided against it for no particular reason.
All the bad things in life only help you appreciate the good even more.
Posted:  07 Sep 2013 15:54   Last Edited By: Tim
I think everyone hated the Batman and Robin movie costumes. That movie will never be forgotten for its bad costumes.
Posted:  08 Sep 2013 03:37
But they incorrectly hate them for the nipples.  Those were actually in Forever.  They forget the new ones in Batman and Robin actually had their logos too large to show the nipples.  Of course, it took until the Drak Knight to finally get a Batsuit that had the form and function needed.
All the bad things in life only help you appreciate the good even more.
Posted:  08 Sep 2013 21:47   Last Edited By: Tim
I think Adam West had the best suit for jumping around in. It may not have been dark and gritty, but it sure looked easier to get around in.

One of these days, I hope we see a movie Batman that can jump around and do flips like the comics Batman.
Posted:  09 Sep 2013 05:42
They need to figure out the right fabric.  Adam West had agile stuff because he wasn't wearing leather, latex, rubber, or armor.  I do feel Batman needs armor, and utilitarian aspects overall might limit some of his mobility, but he always strikes me as a utilitarian fighter, rather than flashy (hard, precise strikes to take one out immediately rather than flipping).  Still, he does need to convincingly be able to run along rooftops and zipline and all that.

What they always forget in the movies is that Robin is supposed to have a highly agile style, and should be dressed accordingly.  Burt Ward came close, but didn't fight like an acrobat.  Chris O'Donnell wore incredibly limiting suits, meanwhile, that seemed completely at odds to who Robin is supposed to be, which is the opposite of Batman: bright to his dark, colorful to his black, cheery to his stoic, youthful enthusiasm to his grizzled experience, etc.

But if they want to realistically do an acrobatic superhero, they should look at what gymnasts, ballet dancers and Crique du Soliel dancers wear, as those costumes are designed for agile movement combined with strenuous movement.  Granted, not for Batman (maybe they could go more towards what traditional martial arts wear consists of), but definitely for Robin and Daredevil.
All the bad things in life only help you appreciate the good even more.
Posted:  09 Sep 2013 15:44
Batman has enough money that he should be able to afford a material that is both bullet proof and allows for movement.

Most of the movie Batmans could barely turn their head.

I agree Robin should have a colorful outfit, but they should definitely give him pants though like in the newer comic versions.

I hope the next Batman is a little more fun and not quite so dark. I mean even Dirty Harry had a sense of humor in his movies.

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