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Atomic Titan 2: The Man Who Saw Tomorrow
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Posted:  29 Sep 2013 20:35   Last Edited By: Tim
The Man Who Saw Tomorrow Part 1 of 3
It was nearing Halloween, back in 1954, when Dr. Allen Richardson was on one of his, now routine, investigations for the FBI. While he still worked as a scientist since the day fellow scientist, Hugo Martiniz, had attempted to murder him in the hydrogen bomb test, he was now doing more legwork in the field investigating the unexplained for the FBI.

Gloria Hendrickson, his fiancée and fellow scientist assisted him on these investigations. The FBI wasn't too keen on acknowledging the supernatural, but all extraordinary events had to be investigated and hopefully debunked by the man they believed to be one of the leading scientific minds in the country.  The UFO craze was kicking into high gear back in those days.

Of coure, what the FBI didn't know was that Richardson was also the most powerful superhero the world has ever known – the freedom fighter and one day explorer of worlds, Atomic Titan!

This particular investigation involved a report that a man who was once a mild mannered high school janitor, a man who, himself, had never graduated past the 8th grade, was now inexplicably a mental genius and claimed to have mental powers so vast he could literally predict the future mathematically. Richardson sat in the audience of one of his television interviews in New York City, waiting for the end to come so he could go backstage for a pre-arranged meeting with this new amazing mentalist, Jack Fielding.

The host of the show and Mr. Fielding were sitting in a darkened stage in front of a live audience as the show's host, John Gleason, lit a cigarette and proceeded to question his guest.

"Mr. Fielding, the police chief from your hometown around the Atlanta, Georgia area claims that you have helped prevent five fires, two kidnappings, and at least one attempted murder. In fact, you've also solved seven previously unsolved murders, is that correct?"

"Yes, that is correct, Mr. Gleason."

"And you attribute this to your new found extra sensory perception?"

"No sir, I don't call it ESP at all. It’s not some supernatural kind of hooey; I simply predict events and solve previously unsolved crimes by utilizing the facts and nothing more."

"But wasn't it by bizarre circumstances you first found out you had this power...err...ability, I guess, I should say?"

"Well, I suppose…if you can call a lightning strike bizarre, Mr. Gleason."

The crowd utters a silent gasp in unison.
"Could you expound on that, Mr. Fielding?"

"It's really quite simple, I was struck by lightning while leaving work one Friday evening, but, instead of having my brain fried, something was awakened. Parts of my brain that were previously closed off were now open to me. You see, Mr. Gleason we only use a small portion of our brains. Scientists have yet to discover why that is so, but I, on the other hand, use nearly 100 percent of my brain power."

"Is it true, Mr. Fielding that you know who will be President in the next election?"

"Yes sir, it is. I can accurately predict the next five elections."

"You care to share with the audience, Mr. Fielding?"

"Sorry, Mr. Gleason, but I refuse to take part in influencing the next election or any thereafter. If I were to make a prediction, it, in itself, might create the outcome I predicted by influencing the minds of the voters in the viewing audience. No, sir, our democracy is much too valuable to ever interfere with. Too many men have bled and died for the freedom to elect a leader every four years. I won't have any part in altering or turning that sacred event into some kind of side show."

"Well, that's very admirable of you Mr. Fielding."
“But what of future wars, tragedies to come in our country? Don’t you owe it to divulge such things to our government, if, in fact, you can predict such things?”

“I assure you, Mr. Gleason, that I can indeed predict the next war and approximately when it will end. As far as national tragedies, I assure you, if I know of such events, I would consider carefully when and with whom to share that knowledge.” As he speaks the words, an eerie look comes across the face of Jack Fielding, but no one in the audience notices, except for Dr. Richardson.

Twenty minutes later the show ended, and Dr. Richardson, aka the Atomic Titan, headed backstage to meet the “man who saw the future”.

Speaking to Fielding, Dr. Richardson remarks, "That was some show. It was amazing toward the end how you predicted the actual dollar amount in the wallets and purses of several of the members in the audience."
"It's nothing, Dr. Richardson. There are so many clues and formulas one can use to accurately predict or know almost anything."

"Yes...well, what I really would like to talk to you about, Mr. Fielding, is that statement you made, the one about predicting future national tragedies."


"Were any of those tragedies related to anything as monumental as a presidential assassination attempt?"

"Are you sure you haven't experienced a lightning strike, Dr. Richardson? Just what did I say to make you come to that conclusion?”

"You’re not the only one in this world with gifts, Mr. Fielding."

“I have to say you are amazingly perceptive, Dr. Richardson. Can we speak alone?"

"Anything you can say to me, you can say in the company of Miss Hendrickson, I assure you."

"Very well, Dr. Richardson, Miss Hendrickson. I do know of something that will occur without doubt, in 1963. It will indeed involve the death of a world leader. That's all I can say. Every action I take changes millions of variables. I could literally destroy the world by telling you too much."


To be continued
Posted:  29 Sep 2013 21:46
He's right on this about:
If I were to make a prediction, it, in itself, might create the outcome I predicted by influencing the minds of the voters in the viewing audience.

Interesting to see the interaction of a mental titan and a physical titan. Who's more powerful in the end?
Posted:  30 Sep 2013 02:17
Got to wonder if Atomic Titan now has a super genius adversary on his hands?
Posted:  11 Nov 2013 09:06
Anybody with this kind of knowledge could definitely be a formidable opponent, even if he has no physical super powers.

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