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Atomic Titan 3 The Man Who Saw Tomorrow Part 2
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Posted:  30 Sep 2013 20:16   Last Edited By: Tim
The Man Who Saw Tomorrow Part 2 of 3

Read Chapter One

Dr. Richardson continued his conversation with the amazing Jack Fielding a man who believed his predictions could end the world.

"Very well, Dr. Richardson, Miss Hendrickson. I do know of something that will occur, without a doubt, in 1963. It will indeed involve the death of a world leader. That's all I can say. Every action I take changes millions of variables. I could literally destroy the world by telling you too much."

"That's mad, if you know someone as important as the day a sitting President of the United States is assassinated, you have a moral obligation to present all those facts to the government."

Gloria jumped in, "I agree, you absolutely do, Mr. Gleason!"

"And, what if I cause something much worse, Miss Hendrickson?"

"And what could be worse than the death of the leader of the free world?" Richardson chimes in.

“How about the death of every man, woman, and child in the free world, my good man! Think of it, we now have nuclear weaponry that could literally turn this world into a fireball, and it would take so precious little to encourage the Russians to push their nuclear triggers. Perhaps, some small dispute over something as insignificant as an island off one of our coasts.

“If the government of the United States of America takes a left when they should have taken a right? Well, you can imagine how that might change the course of human history in certain major historical events, yet to happen.”

Jack Fielding grabbed his coat and hat, "If you'll please excuse me I really have to go. I'm late for a meeting with the mayor."

Fielding walked outside into the dark of night and hailed a cab as Richardson and Miss Hendrickson watched from just outside the building.

Gloria looked to Richardson, "Allen do you really believe he can predict every war, every tragedy, our country...the world for that matter…might face from now until the 21st Century?"

"I'm not sure, dear. I…"

At that moment, a shining light beamed out of nowhere as a gust of wind howled through the light as if it were some kind of opening to another world.


As Jack Fielding tried to enter the cab, a man stepped out from the light and pointed a gun at him. The man pulled the trigger, shooting the "Man who saw tomorrow" directly into the forehead.

"Holy...! Gloria go inside, find a phone, and call the police! This looks like a job for you know who."

Before anyone could see, the man of the atom was already in costume and burst into the opened portal behind the mysterious gunman. But what will he find on the other side?


To be continued in part 3 the conclusion
Posted:  30 Sep 2013 23:29
Uh-oh if Time Reaver is involved it can't be good
Posted:  01 Oct 2013 00:50   Last Edited By: jerod26
Time-Reaver actually killing someone?????? Explanation of Atomic Titan coming to the present time?????? 
Posted:  01 Oct 2013 01:38   Last Edited By: Tim
Explanation of Atomic Titan coming to the present time??????

Not yet, Jerod, but that would be a good explanation. Something is going to put Atomic Titan onto a very long quest into space once the 1950's are over.

Time-Reaver actually killing someone??????

Perhaps, Time-Reaver's sickness has mangled his mind beyond repair to the point of murder.
Posted:  01 Oct 2013 02:07
Wonder (when) this Time-Reaver is from? Is it after he gets out of jail or his prior bad old days??????
Posted:  01 Oct 2013 14:08
That's a good question, Jerod. We'll say it was his prior old bad days for now. Time travel is so neat, you can visit a character at several points in their life at any point.
Posted:  11 Nov 2013 09:09
I was wondering the same thing about Time-Reaver that Jerod asked. I guess there's no telling what other terrible things Time-Reaver has done in the past. There's probably plenty of things that the SDL doesn't know about him.

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