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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community Atomic Titan 4: The Man Who Saw Tomorrow Part 3 of 3 
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Atomic Titan 4: The Man Who Saw Tomorrow Part 3 of 3
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Posted:  01 Oct 2013 20:15   Last Edited By: Tim
Atomic Titan 4: The Man Who Saw Tomorrow Part 3 of 3

Read part 1 and then part 2

When we last saw him, the Atomic Titan had just rushed through a portal after a mysterious gunman, the gunman who gunned down Jack Fielding, a man who could have predicted America's future tragedies and perhaps, stopped them before they happened.

As Titan emerges on the other side, he looks around at what appears to be some sort of jungle. He hears the man running off into the bushes when, before he can pursue, a giant dinosaur standing 100 feet tall grabbed Titan in its powerful jaws.

Titan was temporarily caught off guard and found himself between the giant's crushing teeth. Startled, but not out for the count, the Titan burned bright like a star and burst from the monsters mouth, breaking the lizard's teeth out as easily as a man punching through a paper bag.


From the air, Titan used his atomic vision to find the mysterious masked gunman. Like a bolt of lightning, he flashed by the man, grabbed him up, and landed on a nearby mountain top.

In one of his powerful hands, Titan held the man in the air by his throat, with his legs dangling. Titan shouted, "Alright mister, why did you just murder that man?"

Barely able to speak, the man muttered, "Let me down...can't breathe."

"Alright you're down, now talk!"

"They call me Time-Reaver. See, I used to work for a big government group, you might have heard of, ATTA."

"Yes, you kind of remind of Time-Rider, a man with a mask like yours that claimed to work for some sort of secret time travel association by that name."


"Don't mention that guy's name. I hate that guy!"

"I don't care who or what you hate, mister. All I know is that you are going to jail for the rest of your life, but, in the meantime, I want to know why you did it. Why kill a man for no good reason?"

"Like I said, I used to work for ATTA. They taught me all I know about protecting the time stream. See, that spineless Time-Rider never would have had the guts to do what I just did. He'd whine about killing an innocent civilian or some kind of crap like that.

"He struck me as a good man when I met him, but continue."

"That man I shot…I'm sure he mentioned how dangerous it could potentially be if he opened up about the future.  I've seen the future. I've seen a thousand possible futures for that matter. Maybe that's why they say I'm a little off my rocker. You know they keep telling me that excessive time travel is bad for your brain, but what do they know. If it were up to them the universe would have exploded by now. I do the hard jobs! I make it right do-gooder! You and all you super do-gooder ilk owe me!

"Mister, I owe you an atomic punch, now get to it!"

"Alright, alright. I had to do it. Your time-line would have ended with the entire USA blown to nuclear bits, pal! Fielding was causing some major time disruptions."

"But Time-Steamer, or whatever you’re called, that makes no sense. Fielding was no time traveler, he belonged in our time. If anybody screwed up the time line, it would have had to be you."

"It's Time-Reaver. Ti-iiime Re-eeeaver, blue boy! And listen I don't know how or why, but that little man was never supposed to have that power he had. That lightning bolt originally blew that poor fella's brains all over the school's parking lot."

"That doesn't make sense. It happened that way, so that must be the way it was meant to occur!"

"No, no, no, noooo! You still don't get it do-gooder! See, with ATTA playing around in time so much, they change things, a little here, a little there. They’re always fouling up the time stream. Even with all their fancy high tech billion dollar computers they miss things, but I don't. I don't miss anything. See, that's the real reason I'm going crackers. I feel it every time a new time-line gets created. I feel it, and I have to stamp it out. Put things back right. I don't care if I have to destroy every time-line in the entire universe!"

"You’re a mad man!"

"And your history, chump!"


But before even the super-fast Atomic Titan can react, a portal opened up behind him and swallowed him up.

He found himself standing in the dark next to the cab where the body of Jack Fielding lay.

Gloria greeted the Titan of justice with shock and awe, “Titan, you aren’t going to believe this. I don’t believe it. That man, Mr. Fielding, he just…”

“Yes, Gloria!”

“He got up and left.”

“Great Scott! He must have healed his wound with the power of his mind, or perhaps, he was prepared for this all along, but how could he prepare for a bullet to the head?”

"Titan,” Gloria asked, “Did you catch the masked man?"

Slightly taken back by the day’s events, he answered, "I did Gloria, but I lost him, but it's not over, yet. There'll be another day, another time, and this Time-Reaver will see justice come his way!

“And Mr. Fielding will have a lot of explaining to do! Gloria added.”

“Indeed, he will, someday, but right now let’s go have a bite to eat. I’m starved.”

Check out the Atomic Titan Gallery for more pics of the Titan of Justice!

Posted:  02 Oct 2013 03:12
Interesting perspective for Time-Reaver:
I feel it every time a new time-line gets created. I feel it, and I have to stamp it out. Put things back right. I don't care if I have to destroy every time-line in the entire universe!"

Fun story Tim!
Posted:  02 Oct 2013 21:26
Thanks Jerod!

I'm going to skip ahead with the next story so I can give everyone an over all view of where Atomic Titan is in the present.
Posted:  11 Nov 2013 09:13
Hmmmm....it makes sense that this guy wouldn't have been killed that easily. If he can predict the next five presidential elections, then it stands to reason that he should also know it when someone's gunning for him.

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