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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community Stan Rants about Thor and Superman's ability to fly 
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Stan Rants about Thor and Superman's ability to fly
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Posted:  06 Nov 2013 22:20

Stan Lee rants about Superman's ability to fly. He argues that they explain Thor's ability to fly via his hammer, but Superman has no visible means of propulsion. According to him, Thor throws his hammer and because his wrist is tied to it, there he goes flying off with it.

Of course, Stan is just acting silly, I guess, but you know, if it's the way he describes Thor's ability to fly, then Thor has to land every time he wants to adjust direction. Now I'll have to pay close attention to see if that's the case. Unless, he's spinning his hammer like a propeller in the air enough to change directions.

Of course, Superman could in fact at least do a super jump to get started. After that, I guess he has some kind of super psychic like ability to move objects that he only chooses to use on himself.

After all he did levitate a few things on Superman IV I believe it was.

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Posted:  06 Nov 2013 22:31   Last Edited By: Tim
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