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Thor Reviews! What did you think?
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Posted:  09 Nov 2013 19:55   Last Edited By: Tim

I saw Thor last night, and I enjoyed it a lot. So did my wife. There's a lot of humor that I think worked very well. The only complaint I had was the people in the theater were laughing so loud I couldn't always hear the next line.

It was just the right kind of humor, as the hero himself, Thor seemed to take himself seriously, but then there were these comedic lines and situations going on around him. It's like he's not quite in on the joke sometimes. Hard to explain, but I think it worked well. Life isn't always doom and gloom, sometimes, even in the midst of tragedy people smile and make jokes as a coping mechanism.

Loki was a fun part of this movie, I even began to like him as a character, but the whole time there's this uneasiness, especially with Thor, about whether or not to trust this guy. Will he betray Thor, or not?

A lot of great special effects, and two great cameos, one of which was another Avenger and yet it was not.

It's a pretty wild ride especially at the end fighting sequence. I like this one better than the first Thor. Just a lot of fun to watch!

I've had a lot of time to think about it, and unless I change my mind after watching them again on DVD and Blu-ray, this is my rankings for superhero movies this year, at least today.

1. Lone Ranger. - I don't care what the critics say about how much money it cost. It was a great movie, and I don't watch only movies that I believe or going to make a profit. That's actually kind of silly from the perspective of the viewer. Sure there were things I was hating on going in, like Johnny Depp's bird and painted face, but the end product was very entertaining, and the biggest test of all, I really want to see it again. So I'll be buying this one on Blu-ray for sure.

2.Man of Steel - I'm the biggest Superman fan on the planet, and at one point I may have ranked this one above the Lone Ranger even. It's a close one. Yet another one that I'll definitely be buying on Blu-ray. The only thing I think that may hurt this one's rewatchability, I know that's probably not a word, is it's so serious. I hope they take a lesson from Marvel and add a little more humor in the Superman vs Batman movie.

3. Thor The Dark World - I'm putting this one above Iron Man III which was a good movie, but I liked this one better. May just be a matter of taste I guess, but the Iron Man movie kind of aggravated me with the ease of which Iron Man's armor was destroyed over and over again. Thor 2 is just a lot of fun.

4. Iron Man III a great movie, but not my favorite movie of the year. It was better than the second one for sure.

5.The Wolverine was a great movie too, but after having lots of time to think about it, I liked the last one better. I never figured out what everybody was complaining about with X-men Origins.

That's the thing, half the time you read a review and basically all it says is the movie sucked, and you don't know why they think that. The Wolverine has gotten a lot better critical review than X-men Origins, but I don't care. The last one was more fun, and the ending of The Wolverine just didn't work for me. It wasn't as exciting as the rest of the movie of which I really enjoyed. I was just hoping for a greater ending, I guess.

The ending is everything to me. If the beginning and the middle are great, that's cool, but a sucky ending will ruin it every time, and a great ending can save an otherwise lousy movie. It's that final taste in your mouth that really matters in the end. I didn't like the last battle on The Wolverine, and the way those Ninjas shot Wolverine up like that and he just kept running in a straight line. That bugs me. Oh well, the train sequence was awesome, and like I said the rest of the movie is pretty good. So, I'll be buying this one on Blu-ray or at least on DVD, but I may wait for a sale. I'm hoping for a great Cyber Monday, or Black Friday sale anyways this year so I can get a bunch of DVDs and Blu-rays.

After I see these movies again two or three more times, I might change my mind again. There's one thing that movie critics don't take into consideration is that a person's mood can really alter their perception of a movie. In the end it's all about mood and taste. Everybody has their own opinions and feelings about a movie.

Honorably mention is Star Trek, which isn't really a superhero movie, but it was a fun movie. I finally saw it on netflix DVD rental. I probably would have enjoyed it more had I saw it in the theaters.

So what did you all think about Thor or some of these other movies this year. I hope I didn't forget any superhero movies that came out this year?
Posted:  16 Nov 2013 21:05   Last Edited By: Tim
Looks like Thor will be number one again this week. Anybody else seen it?

According to The Wrap, African-American comedy The Best Man Holiday looks set to earn a whopping $35 million in North America this weekend after opening with $10.7 million yesterday. That's well ahead of initial projections, but with Thor: The Dark World not too far behind with $10.4 million, the Marvel Studios blockbuster is still on track to take the #1 spot for the second weekend in a row with a total of somewhere around $40 million. Facing little competition overseas before The Hunger Games: Catching Fire opens next week, the Alan Taylor helmed sequel has now passed $400 million worldwide. Gravity meanwhile will earn an additional $6 million over the next couple of days for a domestic total of $235 million, and more than $477 million worldwide.
source: http://www.comicbookmovie.com/fansites/JoshWildingNewsAndReviews/news/?a=90120#w0qK7wrsviF1SkZh.99

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