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Incredible Hulk Comic Cover Posters
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Posted:  21 Jan 2014 00:21   Last Edited By: Tim
Incredible Hulk 105 Cover poster
Marvel - Hulk
Marvel - Hulk Poster

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Nice cover and reminds me of a time I missed by just a little bit, a time when comics only cost 12 cents.

Hulk 181 Cover Poster
Marvel Comics Retro: The Incredible Hulk Comic Book Cover No.181, with Wolverine (aged)
Marvel Comics Poster

18 in. x 24 in.
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The comic this poster is based on costs a whole lot more than this poster. It's the first appearance of Wolverine in the Hulk's own magazine. There's only a few Hulk comics from the 70's I don't have and this is one of them. I would have thought
after all of these years of collecting I would have ran across a copy somewhere, cheap.

Hulk number one cover poster
Marvel Comics Retro: The Incredible Hulk Comic Book Cover No.1, with Bruce Banner
Marvel Comics Poster

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Ain't no way I'll ever be able to afford the comic, but maybe the poster. This is the first appearance of old greenskin when he was still grey.

This poster is from Hulk 24. Don't ask me which volume because this is one of the newer Hulks and these days Marvel thinks it's a great idea to reboot every two years. Talk about a headache for collectors to keep up with. Anyway the newer cover posters also tend to take out the price and all the features
you might expect from a comic cover. I think that's due to the fact that modern promos on the internet sometimes lack all the regular features of a comic cover to push the focus on the art.
Hulk No.24: Hulk Walking
Hulk No.24: Hulk poster
Ed  McGuinness
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Another new one, this is Hulk number one
Marvel Age Hulk No.1 Cover: Hulk
Marvel Age Hulk...
Davis  Shane
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This one I like a lot. I actually have this comic book in my collection. It features as you can tell, the Hulk vs the Thing. Cool comic from the 70's!
Marvel Comics Retro: Fantastic Four Family Comic Book Cover No.166, Thing Vs. Hulk (aged)
Marvel Comics...

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Awesome poster of the cover of the Incredible Hulk 102. This marked the return of the title the Incredible Hulk. After issue 6,  the Hulk was canceled. The Hulk returned in Tales to Astonish as part of two features in issue 60, by issue 102 it was given full to the Hulk and retitled.
Marvel Comics Retro: The Incredible Hulk Comic Book Cover No.102, Big Premiere Issue
Marvel Comics 102 Poster

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For lots more Incredible Hulk posters.

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