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New Video Section!
Superhero Costumes
Posted:  31 Jan 2014 21:23   Last Edited By: Tim
Guys I just installed a new video script I've been using on my other sites like hip2bfit.com, webmaster tips and home fixit source.

Try it out here!

If you all get a chance play around with it, let me know what you all think. I don't have any real user feedback on it other than from the stand point of admin. So any thoughts or opinions would be awesome to hear.

It's main purpose is to collect youtube videos of the superhero and comic book type of course. It's not set to download videos although it's capable of that because the webhost might frown on all the bandwidth and CPU usage, but I think it's just as cool to post using youtube's embed codes.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Don't Touch LolaSuperhero Videos
Posted:  01 Feb 2014 05:48
Can view, but can we upload too? If so, I haven't figured it out......
Posted:  01 Feb 2014 15:23   Last Edited By: Tim
Let me check my settings in the admin.

Ok, for now settings are for moderators and admins only to upload.

I'm not sure we can upload many videos directly to the server anyway, but I thought there was a way for users to choose youtube videos to embed into the system the way I've done so far. That way we don't use our server's bandwidth when playing a video.

If you want to play with it. Sign up on the script and I'll make you a moderator Jerod.
Posted:  01 Feb 2014 17:04
Still don't see an embed section.

You are listed as the only "user", is there a separate sign-up for this area?

How do I sign up, as I can't identify where.....
Posted:  01 Feb 2014 18:10
Sorry about that. Look in the blue section next to the little world there's like a little square picture of a person. If you click on it you'll see a menu pop up with the link for classic registration it calls it.

Fill in the blanks and hit register. Hopefully, it works right.

I should see you in my admin then and I can make you a moderator which should let you do stuff. You might have to let me know if you need an additional category created.

When I'm logged I see a little chain picture in the blue next to the picture of the person then I click and it has a share media by link. Then you have to get the link from the top of the web browser in youtube and paste it in and hit continue.

It's easy from there. The way it works as long as the youtube video has a embed code any video will work.

If you have any problems let me know. Probably be a lot of fun once you get the hang of it. I'm having fun with it so far.

In my admin section I can add entire sections of videos at once by the video user name.
Posted:  02 Feb 2014 22:42
I made you a moderator Jerod. I saw your profile pic. Man, I didn't know you were a wrestler.

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