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Transformers: Age of Extinction Trailer
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Posted:  05 Mar 2014 15:17
Transformers: Age of Extinction Trailer

I think this is going to be good. I hope they throw in a little humor, but that aside, I love the fact they are using down to earth characters. The trailer gets the old testosterone and adrenaline pumping, you know makes it you ready to rumble. Great stuff!

Looks like Mark Wahlberg was a great choice for the lead actor, at least from the trailer.

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Posted:  05 Mar 2014 15:48
Another thing I love the fact they have the American flag waving in the background. I think the movie may end up being symbolic for how typical Americans, especially those from rural areas, are feeling like the government (the guys in the suits) are pushing them around.

If I were a betting man, I'd say Michael Bay was conservative leaning.

I read this statement from him at motherjones.com.

"Yes, I am a political person, and I have my views about America," Bay says. "I'm very proud of my country; obviously it's going through a lot of turmoil, and we have a very ineffectual government." He however declines to indicate whether he leans right or left

The clues being he's proud of his country and the government is ineffectual. Of course, that could mean he wants more government and it's not liberal enough for him, but then he says he's proud of his country. Liberals rarely say stuff like that or have flags waving in their movies. Maybe this is why critics hate him so much. It's not the scripts and the acting in the movies he makes, it's the little things he throws into the movies here and there that don't march in goose step to Hollywood's belief system. At the same time maybe that might be why his Transformers movies rake in the dough. His movies may just appeal more to the average guy than they do to ultra liberal Hollywood.

Transformers has also released three new posters.



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