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Captain America : Winter Soldier
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Posted:  06 Apr 2014 03:22
Anyone seen this yet? I did this afternoon. 
Posted:  06 Apr 2014 03:57
Do stay till the very end as there a two shorts during the credits.
Posted:  06 Apr 2014 17:44
Haven't got a chance to go yet but I've already heard briefly about the after credits and that it will change the Agents of SHIELD tv series.

Probably won't make it till next weekend, after payday.
Posted:  06 Apr 2014 17:51
I saw it Friday. Could be the best superhero movie ever!
Posted:  06 Apr 2014 18:47
I'm out of town nowdays so have little or no time for MOVIES at the moment but let me just ASK one question unto any of you that already saw WINTER SOLDIER. does Nick Fury really kick the bucket in this one?
Posted:  06 Apr 2014 23:04
Aw man, we can't tell you that, that would spoil the movie.

Man that was a fun movie, but I have the same old complaint with all action movies these days, why don't they hire a new cameraman, apparently every movie these days has the same drunk holding the camera and he can't hold it still for nothing. As soon as anybody starts fighting, that camera jumps up and down like they don't want you to see what happened.

That's my only complaint, it was still a lot of fun. The Falcon character was awesome! They really brought Steve Rogers to life. The whole thing was entertaining from start to finish! I wasn't bored even for a second.
Posted:  07 Apr 2014 00:55
MARVEL definitely DELIVERS ! take notes DC

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