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Superhero Swimsuits for the Ladies
Superhero Costumes
Posted:  22 May 2014 22:20   Last Edited By: Tim
Here are some superhero swimsuits you all might want to buy your wife or girlfriend before heading out to the beach. Click on the links for purchase info. Also check out these links for lots more DC Comics Swimsuits.

It's like a Batman swimsuit for women. I'm not sure why they didn't just call a Batgirl suit.

One piece bikini swimwear bathing swimsuits for women batman

How about this cool Batman or Batgirl swimsuit. I think this might look great on my wife. Not sure I can talk her into it though. I'm really wanting to go the beach anyway. Tired of regular trees. I need to see some sand and palm trees, dang it.

Batgirl Batman Bow Monokini One Piece Bathing Suit DC Comics

Here we go. It's a Wonder Woman bathing suit. I always did think Lynda Carter looked great in hers.

One Piece Wonder Woman Cape Suit Swimsuit

They have a Wonder Woman or Batgirl suit in the same basic shape for this one.

DC Comics Triangle Halter String Bikini

Marvel better get on the ball I didn't find any Marvel Comics swimsuits. Of course, DC Comics does have more popular girl characters I guess, with Batgirl, Wonder Woman, and Supergirl.

Here's another one they have for Supergirl and Batgirl as well.

DC Comics Triangle Monokini One Piece Swimsuit
Posted:  25 May 2014 00:05
Heck, Marvel has some easy ones: the classic Ms. Marvel costume, for instance (sash optional).  Or the She-Hulk costume (though that would be one that isn't quite so easy to recognize by non-fans).  It's also very easy to turn a lot of the men's costumes into women's suits, as characters like Spider-Man and Captain America have simple iconography that makes them easy to strip down to more basic essentials.  And a Fantastic Four swimsuit would be one of the easiest (simply a blue swimsuit with a 4 on the lapel area--easy!).
All the bad things in life only help you appreciate the good even more.
Posted:  29 May 2014 23:38   Last Edited By: Tim
Speaking of Ms Marvel.

from Pasquale

Ms Marvel

Posted:  03 Aug 2016 15:57
And here's a Ms Marvel costume you all might want to get your wife for Halloween!

Buy it Amazon

More Batgirl Bikinis
Batgirl Batman Batgirl Mesh Triangle Monokini One Piece Bathing Suit

Buy at Amazon

Batgirl Batman One Shoulder Bandeau Panel Low Rise Bikini Set

Get it at Amazon

Not a swimsuit, but I think it would be cool to buy for my wife.
Batman Corset W/ All Over Print Panty Set

Buy at Amazon

DC Comics Batgirl Adjustable Bandeau Top String Bottom Bikini

Buy at Amazon

and Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman 2 Piece at Amazon

and for Supergirl fans

Supergirl Swimsuit Bikini

Wonder Woman Bikini Order at Amazon

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