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Thor Replaced with Female Thor?
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Posted:  16 Jul 2014 14:01   Last Edited By: Tim
Marvel revealed that the original God of Thunder will lose the ability to wield Mjölnir, and a new female character will take up the mantle. Not as Lady Thor, or She-Thor, but Thor.

sourc: http://www.comicbookmovie.com/fansites/staypuffed/news/?a=103686

The guy that wrote the source article at the above link seems to love the idea of replacing Thor for a while with a female Thor, but my first knee jerk reaction is, "This is just dorky". Make a new character or whatever. Thor is a cool character, I'm not excited about replacing Thor. Of course, I'm sure he'll have his hammer back in time for the next movie, but I still think it's a dorky idea to replace Thor. It's not the kind of thing that would make me drive to a comic shop. What do you all think?


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Another thing that bugs me. Stop with the massively long story arcs. If they replaced Thor for a couple of issues, no big deal, but everything including comic deaths has to last forever and ever. I think I'd rather have different angles every issue than one huge storyline that last 2-3 years instead of 2-3 issues.
Posted:  16 Jul 2014 14:15
I saw today Archie Andrews has been gunned down and killed in a spin off of the Archie comics.
Posted:  16 Jul 2014 14:33
Oh, on that link I posted above, the title of the article was, "Why A Female THOR Is A Positive That Should Be Celebrated"

Ok, anytime you see the words celebrated, it's political. Translation the only reason this person is happy about the female Thor, is he or she thinks it's somehow a positive thing for feminism. I'm pretty tired of everything being politicized. It's like when they announced that the Human Torch was going to be black in the new movie, if you disagreed, on some of the major comic book sites they marked you as a racist. Couldn't be that you just don't like major changes to a character of whom you've read about for several decades? Nahh has to be racism.

Everything shouldn't be seen through political glasses. Sometimes, people have opinions that aren't related to political views. It's going to get to a point if you choose the wrong brand of soap you are going to be labeled. It's extremely aggravating that a person can't express an opinion these days without getting called names. That's why here on this board, I want to always respect the opinions of others. If someone posts something I don't agree with, I'm not going to start calling them names like we were all in grade school or somehow try to infer that they must have sinister motives for their opinions on comic book stories or changes.

Sometimes, people should just chill out.
Posted:  16 Jul 2014 14:34
I saw today Archie Andrews has been gunned down and killed in a spin off of the Archie comics. -

No way! Now Archie is doing the dead guy routine! I wonder how long that will last. Archie is supposed to be funny for crying out loud.  
Posted:  16 Jul 2014 14:42
Posted:  16 Jul 2014 14:47   Last Edited By: Tim
I read it was like an alternate world story on this site - http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=52012

I had to go researching it after you posted it.

The acclaimed magazine-format "Life With Archie" series -- which has presented two alternate future versions of the Riverdale gang as adults, one where Archie married Betty and one where he married Veronica -- will reach its climax with July's issue #36, where the publisher's title character will sacrifice his life to save a friend
Posted:  16 Jul 2014 23:35
Posted:  19 Jul 2014 02:21
A female Thor is a rather stupid move.  Marvel should instead try to promote Valkyrie and/or Lady Sif, their most prominent female Asgardians.  Sif's already in the Thor movies, which can work wonders.  Heck, give her a spin-off movie, which would make people flock to the comics.  Actually, I hear her actress had some sort of problem in the last Thor movie that made her unable to film much action scenes (hence them giving Sif off-screen battles rather than on-screen), so they could simply make a Valkyrie movie.  I'm sure people would watch.
All the bad things in life only help you appreciate the good even more.
Posted:  19 Jul 2014 02:31
Marvel should instead try to promote Valkyrie and/or Lady Sif
Exactly! Those are both great and well established characters. Valkyrie from her Defenders days till the present has always kicked a**!
Posted:  19 Jul 2014 17:06
I was also thinking: "Thor" isn't a title.  It's an actual Norse given name.  It's a male name, and something very odd if given to a woman.  It's like calling a woman "Robert", or something.  It just doesn't work.  If "Thor" was simply a title, this would make more sense, but the character's real name is "Thor Odinson".  Is the woman going to change her name, too?

Also, while the costume looks nifty, I don't know why she's showing some of her midriff skin.  I understand the arms--Thor used to do that, too--but why any area of a vulnerable part of your body when you're wearing armor?  I feel kinda silly asking, seeing as I'm fine with Wonder Woman's classic costume, but this is also a translation of a man's costume onto a woman, so I feel I can harm on the random displaying of skin a little in this regard.
All the bad things in life only help you appreciate the good even more.
Posted:  20 Jul 2014 01:36
I got a question: If she's now Thor, who is the guy who used to wield the hammer?
Posted:  20 Jul 2014 21:21
That's a really good question.

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