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Image Posting Etiquette
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Posted:  25 Jul 2014 22:56
I know Tim doesn't have too many rules for posting image (nothing offensive, no nudity, etc.) which gives us quite a bit of freedom. I would like to suggest that we (collectively) don't post more than 6 image per day per person. The main page has slots for the 12 most current image posts. If 6 (or more) images are posted by an individual if often pushes other images (which also may be new) off the main page. I feel it fair that everyone gets a bit of feature time on the main page as that's when most initially see our stuff. I can't make the rules, but ask this only out of common courtesy.
Posted:  25 Jul 2014 23:02
sounds like a good idea, wonder if Tim could make it to where an account simply can't upload too many in one day? Sounds strict but if no one is being courteous it might be necessary.
Posted:  26 Jul 2014 15:20
I don't have the ability to manually make that happen, I don't think, but it's not a bad general rule of thumb. I definitely want to be careful not to discourage people from posting. I do wonder if I can't find a way to acknowledge the most recent postings from individual members because on the members page the most active members show up at the top. Maybe I could dissect that page and figure something out there. Then I have to figure out how to squeeze it all on the front.
Posted:  26 Jul 2014 16:06
How about a simple note on the posting page? That way it would be a guide and it'd be up to each person to follow or not. Quantity is your decision Tim. The number doesn't have to be 6, but I feel it should definitely be less than 12.

Posted:  26 Jul 2014 16:12
Ok, I'll see if I can add something like that next, but in the mean time what do you think about the most recent member activity I added to the bottom of the recent gallery images?

Does it work and look ok?
Posted:  26 Jul 2014 16:24
That's a nice feature. I wasn't looking for it so I didn't scroll down far enough when I pulled site back up. Is all the text under the thumbnail needed? Makes it look "busy". If possible, I'd suggest just having photos or views listed under the thumbnail at the most (aside from name of course).
Posted:  26 Jul 2014 16:25
Looking around, doesn't seem to be an easy way to add text to upload page that I've found yet. I'm almost a little afraid to mess with it too much for fear I might cause it to not work right. I did find a setting in admin to lower the upload boxes at one time to just 3. That might help encourage a little more space in uploads. I'll keep looking.
Posted:  26 Jul 2014 16:26
Is all the text under the thumbnail needed?

Yeah, I thought so too, but having a hard time finding what to delete that doesn't kill the script. I'll look at it some more.
Posted:  26 Jul 2014 16:50   Last Edited By: Tim
I cut out a lot of the extra info clutter. Should I leave the number of photos and views? Or do you think it would be better with it all gone?
Posted:  26 Jul 2014 17:16
Looking at it several times now I'd suggest having the name only......
Posted:  26 Jul 2014 17:35
Ok, check it out now.

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