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The True Story of Eagle Eye Defender!
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Posted:  20 Sep 2014 22:35   Last Edited By: Tim
Eagle Eye Defender, astronaut, adventurer, and scientist from Retro City took off from an alternate planet Earth a few years ago on a space mission aboard his own flying saucer. Scouring the galaxy for the other Earth that had shaped his planet's  pop culture with video and radio transmissions of Elvis, Lucy, Three Stooges, and other all time classics of our past. What EE didn't know was that in fact those weren't from another planet, but from another dimension. As he traveled back home he inadvertently went through a worm hole that connected his dimension with ours. It was the same wormhole that allowed our transmissions to reach his world.

by Jerod

Now Eagle Eye, the adventurer that he is, travels back and forth between his world and ours. On his Earth he has the normal strength of any other human, but on ours he has incredible strength and power.

by Jerod

Eagle Eye's demeanor may appear a little backward to some on our Earth, mainly due to his old fashioned values and 1950's like morality, but he is all hero, ready to defend Earth from any dimension from evil doers.

The following art I believe comes from artist Arthur Radebaugh and resembles the world of EE perfectly. It may well be he was channeling this world in his creative mind through the dimensional rift.

Posted:  21 Sep 2014 17:51

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