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Superman and Hercules Actors In Great Christian Movie!
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Posted:  24 Oct 2014 15:00   Last Edited By: Tim
Just saw God's Not Dead last night that surprisingly had two former superheroes starring as pretty much the bad guys of the movie. Dean Cain, the 90's TV Superman from Lois and Clark, played a heartless business man type who reminded me a lot of Lex Luthor with hair, and Kevin Sorbo, aka Hercules, played a scrooge type professor determined to humiliate a student for daring to question atheism in his class.

Watch God's Not Dead at Amazon

I enjoyed the movie as did most Christians from what I've read. It's not surprising however that the general movie going audience that frequent sites like rotten tomatoes hated it. According to wikipedia it got about a 17% rating on that site. The movie has a strong Christian message about not giving up one's faith in a world that would rather silence any and all mention of belief in God in the public arena. The truth is I think a lot of people these days have been brain washed by the media and probably a lot of college professors into thinking God and Christianity should never be mentioned in mixed company, let alone making a whole movie revolving around such subjects. So it's no surprise a movie like this would get such a backlash.

There were a couple of technical issues toward the end I noticed, not anything that I haven't seen occur in a million movies that cost a lot more to make than this one. You know it rains and then they cut back and the actors appear to have dried off a little too fast, that kind of thing. The movie only cost 2 million dollars to make according to wikipedia, but it grossed 62 million dollars despite or because of the negative attention the movie received from critics. If every movie had that kind of return Hollywood would be dancing in the streets for joy. Some TV episodes cost more than this movie's budget to make.

I for one think that "God's Not Dead" deserved every dollar it made. Hollywood has recently tried to cash in on the Christian movie craze, but the thing they don't get is that movies that are aimed at Christians need to be made by Christians. Don't get an atheist to direct a Biblical epic and call it a Christian movie. Noah was a good example of this. That movie was a joke. Everything in it was contrary to the Biblical story.

If you are a looking for a movie that makes you think a little bit, and has a good Christian message, or you just want to see what TV's former Superman and Hercules are up to these days, check out God's Not Dead at Amazon
. Don't believe the negative hype. See it for yourself.

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