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Latest Fantastic Four Trailer
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Posted:  14 Jul 2015 15:40

Hmm. I'm not sure what to think about this. If I had never read a fantastic four comic I might be excited to see this as a rental, but not seeing paying humongous theater fees to see it. The thing is when you follow a comic book closely it makes fans want to see these characters they grew up with. I paid to see the other two movies, but this group just isn't the one I grew up with reading.

Probably wait for the DVD and then give it a shot. I don't like how it's not space travel where they get their powers. I don't like changing races of characters. Can you imagine what would happen if Luke Cage was played by a white guy.  I don't like the Thing's voice. He ought to sound rough like a rock monster.

This may be a great movie in of and by itself, but by departing so far away from the source material it loses it's reason for being which is to adapt the comic book to the movie screen. I guess it might have been easier to take if they called it the new Ultimate Fantastic Four and differentiated it somehow as some new creation.
Posted:  20 Jul 2015 04:50
It looks like a good sci-fi movie but I agree it shouldn't be billed as an FF movie. Thing does need to sound more gravelly like in the first movies. It could be an Ultimate FF and be okay I think or like a What if? FF movie.
Posted:  22 Jul 2015 03:29
I honestly don't plan to see it (at least in the theatre).
Posted:  22 Jul 2015 15:33
This is definitely not on my list of Movie Theater viewings. But I will give it a shot on Red Box once it hits dvd. Even if it sucks paying a little over a dollar to rent won't tick me off as much as a theater ticket would.
Posted:  27 Jul 2015 06:31
Changing the race of the Human Torch wouldn't be a problem if it wasn't so problematic.  He's the wisecracker, the "hip" one, the one that ultimately never takes anything seriously and definitely not the central team member.  Really, he's more of the comic relief.  This is the type of role they would shove the black characters into in the 90s.  The people casting obviously wanted someone of color, but they didn't want it to be the leader, because he'll get the most screen-time and emotional depth.  It can't be Sue, because her role is primarily as a love interest and Hollywood avoids interracial romances by and large unless the movie is about race.  And I'm sure they couldn't justify the Thing, because he's not visibly any race most of the time, and the studios remember the kerfuffle about Princess and the Frog having the first black Disney princess and then she's not even human for most of the movie.

Really, this is tokenism to me.  It would have been interesting if Reed had been the person of color (if there has to be only one).  But then again, if it tanks (considering how much they've changed from the comic, it probably might), that would probably make studios think black superheroes don't sell, citing it, Steel and Hancock, conveniently forgetting Blade.  Considering they're still pulling themselves out of the "women superheroes don't sell" line of thought from the failure of Supergirl, that doesn't seem off-base to me.

We need people of color in superhero movies, but done well.  The best is to actually use the characters that are already people of color in the comics.  Make a Green Lantern movie about John Stewart.  Do one of the Atom, but make it Ryan Choi.  Give War Machine his own movie.  Luke Cage, a Blade reboot (about time he entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe), etc.  Sadly, the movie studios erase diversity from those characters that actually show more of it (comics Hawkeye is deaf, so why isn't movie Hawkeye?  Why isn't TV Constantine bisexual, like his comic counterpart?), and that in part necessitates them changing other characters to make them more diverse, all due to that.

And I'm not completely against making a white character black.  The other two Fantastic Four movies made Alicia Masters black and cast a half-Hispanic woman as Invisible Woman (though likely only so because she can pass for white).

A lot about this movie is making me dread it, but it's always nice to see them make Sue a more active character than the original comics.  Stan Lee wrote a useless character in her to begin with, but it's always good to make her a scientist in her own right and to give her the force fields to start with.  Really, I think it's the only thing that is positive to me that I've seen about the movie (and that was already in the other two).
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