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Captain America Civil War Trailer Debuts!
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Posted:  25 Nov 2015 15:40   Last Edited By: Tim

I got to say, from this trailer, I'm now looking forward to this movie the most out of everything that is coming down the line! Avengers 2 seemed to lack a clear direction, maybe just too many characters, I can't put my finger on it, but this movie seems a bit more focused, at least from the trailer. I just want to see what specific differences Cap and Iron Man end up fighting over besides apparently the capture of Bucky. I'm really into the idea that a man with old fashioned values takes on a more modern man's outlook on things. It may actually spill over a bit into real life politics. These days people seem to have lost the idea that there is a right and wrong that transcends politics and government regulation, something that previous generations never doubted, especially the WWII generation who saw what pure evil looks like in the form of Adolf Hitler.
Posted:  25 Nov 2015 17:02
Awesome ! I like the part where Stark and Rogers debate over Bucky's fate.

Cap: but he's my friend

Iron Man: so was I
Posted:  30 Nov 2015 03:13

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