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Batman v Superman Movie Opinions
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Posted:  14 Apr 2016 17:28   Last Edited By: Tim
What did you all think about the Batman v Superman movie? I enjoyed it, but like a lot of people I think it could have done better with a little bit more humor thrown in here and there. I really believe comic relief serves to make a movie more realistic. Nobody runs around with a frown on their face 24 hours a day. Besides, if Superman would have been a little more about hope and happiness then there would have been a greater contrast between Batman and Superman.

Great visuals in the movie and Batman's action sequences was the best Batman I've ever seen on a movie. He actually looked like he could move and move fast. That was perfect.

I still wish they'd use John Williams Superman theme. Star Wars is still using his theme work and the last SW movie made a lot more than Batman v Superman will. So what does that tell you. I know it's only one small piece, but..

If the first scene we see Superman in the Justice League plays John Williams theme, then I'm going to be ecstatic! Seriously, that would rock. It would create the kind of feel good moment the new DC movies are seriously missing. I'm just of the mind I don't need a super serious superhero movie. I pay money to have fun not be depressed. Besides a movie that takes itself too seriously really opens itself up for intense scrutiny. After all if the goal is to offer an ultra realistic gritty movie then the audience expect every aspect to ring completely true or be scientifically accurate, which is impossible for any sci-fi movie up to a point. The main goal of a movie should be to be enjoyable and create just enough realism for the audience to suspend belief.

I'm still hoping for another standalone Superman movie. Hope they learn from their mistakes. I think if they mixed the best of Man of Steel and the best of Superman the Movie then they'd have a movie for the ages! Henry Cavill is a great Superman. He just needs some more Superman like lines. Give him an American flag to fly around holding.

I guess singing in the rain is out.

Well, now I'm looking forward to the new Cap movie. Can't wait to see Spider-man.
Posted:  16 Apr 2016 00:42   Last Edited By: JOS C
I have not seen this movie yet. And the early reviews are already in for Cap Civil War it looks like, and I was betting all along that it would be the best Super hero Film of 2016! sorry Batman

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