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Captain America Movie Review
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Posted:  12 May 2016 18:52
If anybody has any opinions on the new Captain America Civil War movie post them here.

Here's just some short points I had. First, it was a great movie, no doubt about that. Spider-man rocked just for the simple reason the actor made him seem real. He played him like a kid worried more about getting his homework done that having a superhero adventure.

Question though, why does Aunt May keep getting younger? Pretty soon she'll be the same age as Parker.

Action scenes were great and lots of fun to watch, having said that though I have the same complaint I always have about all modern action films. As soon as the action starts, I mean right at the exact moment the camera man gets drunk. I'm serious. For the love of all that's holy can they not hold the camera still so I can really soak up the action scenes in all their glory. It seriously takes away about 50 percent of my enjoyment. I think I'd pay extra for a version of the movie that didn't employ the shaky camera gimmick. I mean it's great for a few seconds here and there but it's every action scene. Are they worried if they hold the camera still we'll see it's a stunt man or a cgi thing?

And next is not a complaint it's really just an observation. I almost think, based on the total screen time of all the characters, that it should have really been called Captain America vs Iron Man instead of Civil War.

Lot of fun though, there is one long fight scene in particular that happens toward the end of the movie and involves all the superheroes that is probably the best fight scene of all time. It's really good.

Posted:  28 Jul 2016 16:35

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Captain America Civil War will be released on September 13, 2016. You can order it today. This movie will probably be considered the best this year. It was the perfect superhero movie, almost. Nothing in this life is perfect, of course, but it's likely a movie you'll watch again and again for some time to come.

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