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Deadlaw has arrived!
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Time Unraveled Universe Reborn 2016
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Posted:  28 Aug 2016 17:04   Last Edited By: Tim
In an effort to get the ball rolling on some of my new ideas. I'm going to skip putting out the Time-Rider comic I originally intended and instead present the gallery links to the pages I've created and attempt to carry out the story here in our forum. My poser program I use for my comics isn't working on my new computer as well, so any future comics will probably look much different as I'll be using just paint.net and anime studio for my art in the future. I don't want to mix totally different art styles in the same story if I can help it.


Time Unraveled Universe Reborn 2016

Time Unraveled Comic Pages
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Some time has passed since the original Time-Rider came to the office of Superhuman Defense League and explained to Captain Freedom that his timeline had essentially been erased. Since then, many changes had taken place that only the elder Time-Rider was aware of. His family had essentially disappeared. Origins of some of his comrades in arms such as Deadlaw had been altered. It was almost as if he had stepped into a parallel universe rather than an alternate timeline, but his instincts told him it was indeed the same timeline somehow altered in some ways greatly, but in many other ways things had remained much the same.

The greatest difference being that the American Time Travel Association (ATTA) was no longer in existence.

Since then, the younger version of himself was seen fighting crime briefly in the present time. The elder Time-Rider has tried to contact him, but so far with no success. If he could just find his younger self, perhaps he could restore the timeline to its previous state.

Could all of this be the work of some of Time-Rider's many enemies?

The SDL has up to this point welcomed the elder Time-Rider into the group as an elder statesman once more, even without a recorded history of the hero's past accomplishments.

Recently, the Time-Rider was on monitor duty on the night watch. It was a slow night. Boredom was the Time-Rider's biggest foe that night, that and the loneliness of isolation. His mind wandered back to the many years he had spent with his wife, Jill Martin, whom now seemed to not exist. If she was out there somewhere would she even recognize him?

It was then in this night of despair that a shimmer of light appeared from out of nowhere. A hand reached out as if from nowhere and grabbed the Time-Rider and pulled him into the light.

But where? To Be Continued

Posted:  20 Sep 2016 01:30

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