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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community Guardians of Liberty #1 - Universe Reborn 2016 
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Guardians of Liberty #1 - Universe Reborn 2016
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Posted:  01 Sep 2016 16:13   Last Edited By: Tim
Read Time Unraveled Universe Reborn 2016 first for background events.

Uncle Sam Guardian of Liberty

"Holy crap you're real!" shouted Time-Rider, "You're Uncle Sam in the flesh!"

"Of course, I'm real son." said the massive elder figure before him. "I've
been here since the beginning of this great land of ours, and I don't plan on
ever going anywhere as long as freedom beats in the hearts of Americans
Time-Rider looked at this icon up and down as if he were staring
at a cartoon character that had just came to life and slowly began to talk
again, "You look like those old World War II posters, except that you're on

Uncle Sam at first gave a smile fit for Santa Claus, but then his face began
to change, his features more fierce and determined as he answered back, "Son,
you remember how America was back in WWII? Do you remember how Americans stood
together? Sure, we still had a lot to learn about treating each other with
respect and dignity when it came to race relations, but when the future of the
world's peace and freedom was at stake,  we all became of one mind, to
destroy the greatest threat to liberty and freedom the world has ever known. We
took at Adolf and his goons together. We sacrificed so many good men, and today
the blood that was shed then means so little to this new spoiled generation. All
of the blood, sweat, and tears that came from Americans during the growth of
America is hidden from most of today's youth whose biggest fear is that somebody
might hold a Bible in their midst and speak to them about the existence of God.
They hide quivering in speech free zones where free speech is forbidden not
remembering that their forefathers died so that they may exercise free speech
not run from speech.

"These fancy pants professors at college campuses teach these spoiled rich
kids that never knew what life was like before indoor plumbing and electricity
that the creators of our Constitution were all flawed men, so therefore, we
should just trash the whole thing and start over, not realizing that those old
geezers that thought up the Constitution created a document that made the very
foundation of America and freedom alive today. Take away the Constitution and
you take away the protections that give every man, woman, and child the freedom
we have today. They seek to trash their only protections, and they are oblivious
to that point."

Time-Rider interrupted, "You're preaching to the choir Sam, I'm not as old as
you, but I was in that great generation that fought WWII and the young people in
those times seemed so real to me, whereas today they seem like empty shells
having never truly faced real challenges in life. If sacrifice creates character
then today's generation is in need of some real challenges. "

Sam looked away with the grimmest of looks, "That's just it John Martin,
America faces threats in the near future that may make World War II look like a
picnic, but everyone these days is too busy playing with them blasted smarty
phones to look up and see what is coming!"


Time-Rider put his hand on Sam's shoulder and asked, "What's wrong old timer?
What is coming that's got you so riled?"

Sam began again, "People die because a politician fails to act or tosses
around America's secrets like recipes for baking a cake and this generation
hardly bats an eye. Heck, if they can get a handout they'd vote for Attila the
Hun. While they grovel at the feet of people that don't deserve to be dog
catcher the safety of every human being on this planet is at stake from the
threat of nuclear annihilation, major terrorist threats, and here's where you
and I come in, these terrorists are now recruiting super powered beings. Some of
these terrorists and their nations are actively creating super men whose goal is
to wipe out all those that disagree with their philosophies.

"On top of that, our very government may be plotting against us. You wonder
why my arms are bulging with muscles? I'll tell you son. Even though so many
Americans are asleep at the wheel there is a growing number of people that were
once silent that have now awoken, and their anger their zeal for liberty is
pumping into my veins. Their righteous anger is the source of my powers. No
longer will they be silent while politicians divide us against one another. They
demand, and I believe, will achieve once more a unified country where every man
is equal, where no man regardless of race or religion has to take a back seat to
political correctness. We are a people formed with liberties given to us by God,
not by the government, and not the media. Freedoms granted to us by birth from
God cannot be taken away by the whims of government. Our founders recognized
that people have rights given to us by birth not be decree, and as such we have
the right to defend our liberties as we defend our very right to exist. No man
is above another. Equal means equal, but our current government is so busy
trying to make us fight one another pointing out our differences and making it
seem as if only the government can somehow make life fair by taking from one
group in favor of another."

Time-Rider interrupted, "I know what you mean Sam, and I agree, but why am I
here, and where is here?"

Sam sighed for a second catching his breath, "Sorry young fella, it's all
those angry red-blooded Americans I told you about. Their feelings and their
emotions are stirring within me, but, in answer to your question, this here
place is where I live, it's America's heart. Here I watch and wait for the time
I must come out of retirement and help America get over the worst of times."

Time-Rider asked, "You mean like World War II?"

"World War II, Vietnam War, the Civil War, the Great Depression, the Jimmy
Carter presidency, the major catastrophes of America's history", replied Sam.

Sam continued, "Today is one of those times not just politically. That's up
to Americans to right at the voting booth. Freedom of speech will only live by
the actions of men that refuse to let our forefather's deaths be in vain. No,
men like you and I we have another mission to fight those beings with immense
power that could take away man's ability to choose for himself his destiny. I
need your help in forming my team, the Guardians of Liberty!"

Guardians of Liberty

Posted:  02 Sep 2016 02:08
Awesome, hope Uncle Sam and Time Rider can save America!
Posted:  20 Sep 2016 01:29

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